On February 5th, the Misfits will release their new live CD, DEA.D ALIVE! featuring Midnight Syndicate’s song Into the Abyss as the album’s outtro. “For years, Midnight Syndicate’s music has been used as atmosphere at Misfits concerts,” said Edward Douglas, “especially after the show while the band meets with their fans – which is what you hear on the album. As fans ourselves, we’re happy to be a part of the disc.”Billed as the Misfits’ “first proper live album album since the 80s,” the disc features fourteen cuts recorded on All Hallow’s Eve in the center of New York’s Times Square! The album is available for pre-order on CD AND VINYL now at the Misfits Records Online Store. The band is offering a chance to win some incredible prizes for fans who pre-order both the new Misfits CD and Osaka Popstar’s upcoming release, Super Hero (also on Misfits Records).