Live Shadows Vinyl


RELEASE DATE: June 11, 2021

Experience Midnight Syndicate live on limited-edition purple vinyl! Digital download also included. Midnight Syndicate’s first-ever live album,  ‘Live Shadows’, features new arrangements of classic tracks and new material performed live. Recorded at Midnight Syndicate Live! concerts from 2014 through 2019, the album offers a glimpse into the band’s groundbreaking multimedia performances at Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends. Watch music videos from the shows here on YouTube.

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This collector’s edition release comes on 12″ purple vinyl, foil-numbered, and in full-sized gatefold packaging. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD also included.

Track Listing

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1. The Stage is Set
2. Alchemist’s Chamber (Live)
3. Sigil (Live)
4. Twilight (Live)
5. Creatures of Darkness (Live)
6. Noctem Aeternus (Live)
7. Haunted Nursery (Live)
8. Gatekeeper
9. Into the Valley of Shadows (Live)
10. Kiddieland (Live)
11. Nightstalker (Live)
12. Grisly Reminder (Live)
13. Twisted Labyrinth (Live)
14. Haverghast Asylum (Live)
15. Conspiracy of Shadows (Live)