A Time Forgotten



Lyrics and alluring vocals by Destini Beard with Midnight Syndicate’s haunting music beckon you to explore a mysterious Victorian hotel haunted by a morbid past. Dark secrets hidden deep within room walls await your discovery in A Time Forgotten


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Track Listing

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1. The Lost Overture (Fallen Grandeur
2. First Love (Soliloquy)
3. Lacrymosa Aeterna (Eclipse)
4. Reunited (Room 47)
5. Lonely Waltz (Haverghast Asylum)
6. A Time Forgotten (Time Outside of Time)
7. Secret Wedding (Ravages of Time)
8. Master of Evil (Unseen Eyes)
9. Mortis (Residents Past)
10. The Hidden Key (Living Walls)
11. Endgame (Cold Embrace)
12. Death Reborn (Gates of Delirium)
13. Farewell Forever (Noctem Aeternus – Encoder Remix)
14. My Last Goodbye

Press Reviews

Killer Reviews – “From the first track through the last, the album is a collection of dreams lost in a nightmare, but in the best way possible. Between the amazing music from Midnight Syndicate and the haunting and hypnotic vocals of Destini, this album is one not to be missed… certainly going to be one that remains in constant rotation as the Fall and Halloween seasons arrive.”

MantaRay Pictures (Terry Wickham) – “…not only moody and atmospheric, but actually bewitching.”