Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack CD


RELEASE DATE: September 8th, 2016

Survival is the order of the day in a once-familiar city that now lies in ruins. Shadows shuffle through the streets, driven by an unearthly hunger. The distant sound of a helicopter offers the promise of salvation, but your battle has just begun…

The Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack features pulse pounding instrumental music and sounds from the zombie apocalypse designed to take your evening’s listening, undead gaming experience, or haunted attraction to the next level! (47 minutes). Contains some previously recorded material.

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Track Listing

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1. It Begins
2. Where Did Everybody Go?
3. They’re Coming For You…
4. Slight Miscalculation
5. Last Day to Live
6. No Escape *
7. I Don’t Think They’re Dead *
8. Town Square
9. Zombie Master
10. Raiding Todd’s Tool Shop
11. Veiled Hunter *
12. Into the Abyss *
13. Alternate Food Source
14. Fear
15. Adrenaline Rush
16. Dusk *
17. We’re Screwed
18. Race to the Helipad
* Previously released material

Press Reviews

Metal Asylum – “10 out of 10… one of my favorite Midnight Syndicate albums

Horror Fuel – “…one incredible track after another… while listening I find myself constructing a scene from a zombie movie that has yet to be written… a richly deserved 8.5/10!”

Gross Movie Reviews – “Midnight Syndicate’s Zombies!!! Board Game Soundtrack is sweet nectar for the ears. 4 out of 4!”

Cryptic Corridor – “As is often the case with Midnight Syndicate, they find a way to bring something fresh to the table and manage to reinvigorate even the most tired of horror tropes. I recommend “Zombies!!!” as highly as I do the other Midnight Syndicate albums I have reviewed up to this point. The quality of their output is consistently amazing…”

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium) – “Midnight Syndicate once more confirms their great writing skills in horror music and especially the soundtrack concept. The heavy bombast and epic arrangements both accentuate this unique sensation. The dark horror strings and other typical piano arrangements are there to achieve this freaky sonic trip.”

Justine’s Halloween – “Keeps you on the edge. Fans of Midnight Syndicate or the older monster movies are going to appreciate this album!”

Mr. Frights – “The music has a wider range of play than just the enhancement of ZOMBIES!!!, it can totally cross over and be used for haunts and other things like decorating your home this Halloween.”

DJ De’ath (UK) – “Put on your headphones, dim the lights, close your eyes, and you will find yourself in your own zombie apocalypse. Love it!”

SpecMusicMuse – “ Midnight Syndicate has horror music mastered to a fine art. Once again, they don’t disappoint…”

Cinemusical – “Fans of Midnight Syndicate will find much to enjoy here.”

G2V Productions (Doctor of the Dead) – “… a brilliant new release! …one of the most enjoyable and skin-crawling musical recreations of the apocalypse you’re likely to hear.”

City Blood – “…an excellent soundtrack

Games Gazette (UK) – “… the ideal background music for any of the games and expansions of Twilight Creation’s popular Zombies!!! game.”

Ramble with Russel Podcast (review starts at 20:00) – “…another home run

Two Crows Paranormal – “…a soundtrack suited for the zombie apocalypse

Gravediggers Local 16 – “People looking for an album with a zombie theme should definitely consider checking this out; it’s a no-brainer (and not because a zombie got hungry)!”


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