Halloween Music Collection



A collection of some of Midnight Syndicate’s best recordings from their first 13 years, hand-picked by Gavin and Edward, and mixed especially for the Halloween season. A perfect introduction to the music of Midnight Syndicate. Contains previously recorded material. (62 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Family Secrets
2. Darkness Descends
3. Fallen Grandeur
4. Room 47
5. Born of the Night
6. Raven’s Hollow
7. Awakening
8. Shadows
9. Haunted Nursery
10. Army of the Dead
11. Dark Legacy
12. Morbid Fascination
13. Deadly Intentions
14. Undead Hunters
15. Soliloquy
16. Tempest
17. Grisly Reminder
18. Residents Past
19. Veiled Hunter
20. Alchemist’s Chamber
21. Noctem Aeternus
22. Vampyre

Press Reviews

FEARnet – “…if you’re not familiar with the band, it’s the perfect place to start, as it demonstrates how this act has managed to secure the title as the leading purveyors of spookhouse tunes… Sweet lights-out listening…

House of Horrors“…very simply the one and only Halloween mood music CD you will ever need.”

Dark Grave – “With a music collection like this you will wish (as many of us already do) that Halloween happened every month… Consider this release the essential Halloween music soundtrack.”

Dark Beauty Magazine (October 2010) – “…an easy five skulls in my book. I love Halloween music and these guys are top notch.”

Gravedigger’s Local 16 – “As a “best of” album, (it’s) the perfect starting point for new fans or for those who have yet to collect the entire Midnight Syndicate discography. But even if you already own the albums it is derived from, it’s still worth having as a handy collection of classic tracks from the band’s past.”

Global Metal Apocalypse – “Essential for those who like the old style of Gothic music.”

Metal Excess – “As a starting point and introduction to the group, you can’t find a better album than this. This album sets the exact tone I want during the Halloween season.”

The Horror Show – “Absolutely love this CD… awesome…!”


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