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The Rage Soundtrack CD

Bastards of Horror (3/5/08) – “Now, don’t get me wrong I enjoy music. But these days I don’t buy many CDs and I don’t check out many movie soundtracks unless they are a stand alone thing. I do own a few, but I do not usually go out of my way to get them these days. Well, after listening to the near perfect music to the motion picture The Rage, I might have to start looking to buy more soundtracks. The music is done by ‘Midnight Syndicate’ that have been associated with several projects over the years but this might be their best work yet? The music is excellent, has a great horrifying feel to it, flows beautifully like the Hellraiser movie soundtrack, and with every note you can visualize every scene from the film like a soundtrack should be, for example: John Carpenter’s Halloween or Escape From New York which has no need for words but lets the music tell the story. Midnight Syndicate’s soundtrack to The Rage does just that to near perfection. I give the soundtrack 3 1/2 out of four stars as now I will always be out on the look out for anything from ‘Midnight Syndicate’, especially soundtrack wise“.

Tim Gross – Bastards of Horror

Outburn Magazine (Issue #44) – “For over a decade, Midnight Syndicate has been recording some of the finest and most haunting instrumental albums available – you are unlikely to make it through a Halloween without hearing the band’s music somewhere. Their albums have always been a journey through dark places, overflowing with atmosphere, so it makes perfect sense that they would be right at home doing movie soundtracks. Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage is a mix of horror and gore that allows for a surprisingly well-rounded soundtrack, moving from light to shade, bombastic to subtle with fluid ease. Composer Edward Douglas is clearly a genius when it comes to keyboards and synths, yet there is a very classical feel to his style. Lots of brooding piano, stabbing horns, and sweeping strings give the proceedings a very full and larger than life feel, which is perfect for an emotional, edge of your seat movie project such as this. Obviously, the pacing and arrangement have to suit the movie, so listening to The Rage might not be as satisfying as a spin of one of Midnight Syndicate’s independent albums like Realm of Shadows or Born of the Night, but it still makes for a gripping listen and should slot nicely into your collection next to your John Carpenter soundtracks.

Daniel Hinds – Outburn Magazine

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If you miss Halloween or enjoy a haunted twist on some holiday classics, might we recommend our album, "Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering"? It is one of our favorite albums we've ever done and sets holiday season mood in a decidedly Midnight Syndicate way. It's available everywhere music is streamed. We hope you enjoy it! ... See MoreSee Less

If you miss Halloween or enjoy a haunted twist on some holiday classics, might we recommend our album, Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering? It is one of our favorite albums weve ever done and sets holiday season mood in a decidedly Midnight Syndicate way. Its available everywhere music is streamed. We hope you enjoy it!

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This really is an amazing album. It takes classic holiday music and intertwines this wonderfully haunting thread throughout that just elevates it to another level. I listen to it every year around the holidays.

This album is my blissful sanctuary at home and in the car from the Mariah Carey and Wham! infested waters that is the retail-store-PA system music during the holidays. Thanks for single-handedly keeping me sane every year since 2015. This album is the gift that keeps on giving. <3

This album is a holiday favorite in our house. Perfect for dark December nights. Not just spooky but some really beautiful Christmas music!

I love This Album.

I have a copy of this album. Play this one and close your eyes. Imagine you are in an old Scottish castle at Christmas time, and you discover that it is haunted!

So beautiful! I absolutely love this album!

Definitely one of my favourites!!! I dream of one day playing it on Vinyl!! Please do this!!

Wow, I somehow completely missed this album. Just bought a copy from Qobuz :)

My favorite album!! Merry Christmas guys!

It is one of my favorites for those stormy winter nights.

Need another!! Love this album. Cold , Dark and manages to still capture the Christmas Spirit.

It saves me from going crazy during the holiday season.

I started playing this album the day after Thanksgiving!!!!

A true masterpiece as usual

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is an absolute banger潘塔手

Is this one available on vinyl?

We're ready for a sequel!

Ed Douglas, I hope you and Gavin are doing well. 歹

It has become a Xmas favorite

One of my favorites, I have this playing when I read The Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve night.

My favorite

Love this album. Going to a Christmas haunt near me next weekend, so I will definitely be listening to A Ghostly Gathering! Amazing job, Midnight Syndicate !

MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE: Your music is wonderful! Very suspenseful!, I have them all!

Love it and listen to it every year!

Love this album!

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For over two decades, composersEdward DouglasandGavin Goszkahave been known as Midnight Syndicate, creating symphonic soundtracks to imaginary films that facilitate a transcendental and adventurous escape into the secret dimensions of the minds eye. To many of their fans, they are horror music pioneers brewing a signature blend of instrumental orchestral gothic music and movie-style sound effects. To others, they remain the first haunted house band that forever changed the Halloween music genre and became a staple of the October holiday season. Still others, know them for their contributions to the use of music in the roleplaying and board game industries.


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