The Rage: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack


RELEASE DATE: February 26th, 2008

Midnight Syndicate’s score to Robert Kurtzman’s drive-in/late-night horror show thriller, The Rage. Menacing ambiance and signature Midnight Syndicate soundscape mixed with high-octane, blood-pumping action and chase themes. Being a movie score, The Rage is much more atmospheric than typical Midnight Syndicate releases and contains big, dynamic movements that follow the action in what is a very intense, roller coaster ride of a horror film. (53 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Theme from The Rage
2. Injecting The Formula
3. In the Forest Deep
4. Dr. V’s Lab
5. Feeding Time
6. Don’t Go in There
7. Uncle Ben Montage
8. Crash Aftermath
9. Uncle Ben Under the Winnebago
10. The Waterfall
11. Birds of Prey
12. Meet Dr. V.
13. Kiss the Monkey
14. Dr. V’s Theme
15. Surrounded
16. Breakthrough
17. Showdown in the Lab
18. Gor
19. Final Confrontation with Dr. V.

Press Reviews

Wickham’s 2008 Halloween Review – “Midnight Syndicate definitely has branched out and extended their sound.”

Grave Concerns – “Midnight Syndicate is mega-phenomenal within their craft—true geniuses of gothic music and story-telling, and their soundtrack to ‘The Rage’ is another masterpiece… Midnight Syndicate just gets it; they know how to make exceptionally haunting, diverse, intelligent and simply creepy and beguilingly provocative music for one’s mind to absorb and get lost in.”

BlogCritics Magazine (UK) – “creepy music that rises above the normal soundtrack fare…they don’t rely on you knowing the movie to make the music worthwhile.”

Outburn Magazine (Issue # 44) – “Lots of brooding piano, stabbing horns, and sweeping strings give the proceedings a very full and larger than life feel, which is perfect for an emotional, edge of your seat movie project such as this.”

Unrestrained Magazine (Canada) (Issue # 37) – “…I’ve been drawn into the world of ‘The Rage’. The duo are master craftsmen when it comes to suspense and eerie themes.”

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium) (5/1/08) – “Midnight Syndicate remains a unique experience in gothic music… they simply go beyond the borders and standards of classical gothic music…creating a soul to gothic music!”

Muziek-en-Film (Netherlands – in Dutch) (5/1/08) – “A fantastic soundtrack…

Dread Central (4/29/08) – “Only with great scores can you let your imagination wonder when only listening to the music… ‘The Rage’ soundtrack is one of those rare pieces of music where the sound defines the picture.”

Judas Kiss (UK) (4/29/08) – “(They) expand the dynamic nature of their previous works to produce a huge, bombastic and intensely stimulating soundtrack, which is hauntingly majestic and deeply engrossing…immensely easy to get drawn deeply into the haunting keys, heavenly choral renditions, sporadic industrial noise, intensely pitch-black atmosphere and bittersweet melodies… Just the music alone is dynamic and menacing enough to make you jump and get your pulse racing, which is exactly what you want and expect from a soundtrack of this nature.”

Fear and Trembling (4/24/08) – “Midnight Syndicate does what they do best: create the scariest atmosphere possible through music.”

DnD Gate (Germany) (4/13/08) – “On one side, there is the superb style of MS, which one has heard before in other productions, on the other side one can find a new style, which hits the horror film genre perfectly – like the so called fist in the eye…smoldering together to an extreme terrifying and dark sound…

Movement Magazine (4/8/08) – “Midnight Syndicate has conjured up a terrifying score that will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat, even in its most subtle moments… All the releases that they have done before have been leading up to an album like this.”

Film Score Monthly (Vol.17 No.4) – “Unlike in so much horror scoring, ‘The Rage’ utilizes important motivic ideas within tracks to provide aural signposts, rather than simply creating a series of disconnected electronic or ambient sounds. 3 stars.”

Deadbolt Magazine (4/3/08) – “While the driving force of this album lies in its heart-pounding sequences, it truly reaches a zenith in the ominous portions that deliver more subtle nuances of fear.”

Fangoria Musick Blog (3/19/08) – “Midnight Syndicate has been haunting their listeners for 11 years now, and their experience in creating tense atmospheres can really be heard in this CD.”

Doc Gangrene (3/18/08) – “…every bit as atmospheric, dark and suspenseful as previous Midnight Syndicate releases…really first rate.”

Bastards of Horror (3/5/08) – “The music is excellent, has a great horrifying feel to it, flows beautifully like the ‘Hellraiser’ movie soundtrack, and with every note you can visualize every scene from the film like a soundtrack should be…Midnight Syndicate’s soundtrack to ‘The Rage’ does just that to near perfection.”