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Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music – Gothic Horror Fantasy Instrumental Soundtracks // LATEST NEWS

  • Haunted Attraction Registry for haunts using the music of Midnight Syndicate

    28 September 2016 ,

    To our friends in the haunted attraction industry… If you have a professional haunted attraction that is using Midnight Syndicate’s music, we need you to register with us annually. Once registered, your haunt and website will be listed on the haunted attraction page of our Midnight Syndicate website. Additionally, we will send out a pos...

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  • “Zombies!!!” Board Game Soundtrack Unleashed! New Preview Track Posted.

    8 September 2016 ,

    Midnight Syndicate has released the Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack along with a new preview track, We’re Screwed. The new release features Midnight Syndicate’s signature blend of sound effects and instrumental music set in the modern day, post-zombie apocalypse world of the Zombies!!! board game. “We wanted to design a ...

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  • “Realm of Shadows” album reissued with new material. Available digitally.

    30 August 2016 ,

    Midnight Syndicate’s 2000 gothic instrumental classic, Realm of Shadows has been reissued. Raven’s Hollow: Realm of Shadows Reissue includes the original recordings with a new introductory track and a previously unreleased song from the album’s 1999 studio sessions entitled, Serenade. The album is available digitally through CDBab...

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    25 August 2016 ,

    The first preview track from the upcoming Zombies!!! Board Game Soundtrack has been posted on the Midnight Syndicate YouTube Channel. The track, Slight Miscalculation, is named after one of the playing cards in the Zombies!!! game which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Pre-orders for the album are being taken at the Midnight Syndicate...

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    12 August 2016 ,

    Here’s a peek at the cover art for the upcoming Zombies!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack. Final mixing was completed this week. “Fans of the Zombies!!! board game, zombie cinema, and our friends in the haunted house industry are going to especially dig this!” said Edward Douglas on Facebook today. Preview tracks and information o...

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  • Midnight Syndicate to create Zombies!!!-themed soundtrack album

    25 April 2016 ,

    Almost 13 years after releasing the first official roleplaying soundtrack to Dungeons & Dragons® game, Midnight Syndicate has teamed up with premier horror game designer Twilight Creations to produce a soundtrack album for the zombie apocalypse-themed Zombies!!! board game. The dark instrumental album, which will feature new and previously reco...

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Midnight Syndicate
Est. 1996

Dark music pioneers and original Halloween music maestros. Gothic, Horror, Fantasy orchestral instrumental music blended with sound effects designed to transport you to worlds of your own creation. For over nineteen years, the premiere producers of dark atmosphere for the Halloween, Haunted House, Amusement Park, and RPG industry worldwide.

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Halloween instrumental "Among The Ruins" by Midnight Syndicate
Since Born of the Night, Gavin and/or I have written or co-written the music for every Midnight Syndicate song with this one exception. This is "Among The Ruins" from the "Raven's Hollow: Realm of Shadows Reissue" and it was co-written by Gavin and our engineer, Timothy Blue. Beyond contributing this song, Tim's countless hours in the studio with Gavin and I engineering both Realm of Shadows and Born of the Night helped craft the sound of those discs. To me, "Realm of Shadows" is one of our most atmospheric discs - the best to read to or just leave on in the background. It has a dark yet subtly beautiful vibe to the sound and that is in part because of the work Tim did. I hope you enjoy this track!
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Dave LyonI love the atmosphere of this track! In fact, I had this disc on last night while working on a video for a local haunt!

1 day ago   ·  1

Jonathan JablonskiAll your albums are amazing.

1 day ago   ·  1

Tera JonesThis is still one of my favorite tracks!! <3 Love ALL your works Ed & Gavin! <3

1 day ago   ·  1

Lena McHoneI have almost every CD and the movie. Good stuff.

24 hours ago   ·  1

Kelly Gunter AtlasIt's great as background music for when I'm writing, too. <3

23 hours ago   ·  2

Henry KronowetterI love this.Great atmospherics.

22 hours ago   ·  1

Wm Christopher HoagI played and replayed Realm of Shadows while writing my doctoral dissertation for which I earned honours. Thank you, old friends!

21 hours ago   ·  1

Sakura YumuraI love both this track and this album. I made some art inspired by this track several years ago

20 hours ago   ·  1

Allan BennettClassic one

7 hours ago   ·  1

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