The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates


RELEASE DATE: August 26th, 2008

Beyond the cemetery gates the dead do not rest easily. An ancient Egyptian relic, vampires, and the living dead lurk amongst its shadowy crypts. Midnight Syndicate beckons you into the dark world of the unknown that inspired a motion picture. Feature bonus tracks from the upcoming The Dead Matter movie. (59 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Cathedral Ruins
2. Shadowed Grove
3. Meeting of the Acolytes
4. The Revenants
5. Called From Beyond
6. Nightfall
7. The Hunt
8. Across the Chasm
9. Cemetery Gates
10. Entering the Crypt
11. Alchemists’s Chamber

12. Tear of Osiris
13. Forging the Scarab
14. Shadows Descend
15. Inside the Scarab
16. Exodus
17. Dark Legacy
18. Lullaby
19. Lost
20. Not Your Saviour
21. Theme to The Dead Matter (A.B.T. Remix)