Realm of Shadows


RELEASE DATE: March 6th, 2000



Far beneath the shadow of the Dark Tower and beyond a clearing known as Raven’s Hollow lie the ruins of a village. No one is certain what arose from the deep the fateful night that the village was laid to waste, but travelers now report shadows moving through the deserted streets and a solitary light shining from the old town square. Dare to discover the curse that befell this forsaken place as you venture forth into the ‘Realm of Shadows’. (52 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Prophecy
2. Into the Abyss
3. Noctem Aeturnus
4. Tempest
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Sanctuary
7. Among the Ruins
8. Realm of Shadows
9. Raven’s Hollow
10. Beyond the Gates
11. The Summoning
12. Spectral Mist
13. Soliloquy
14. Twilight
15. Serpent’s Lair
16. Black Woods
17. The Night Beckons
18. Legions of the Dead
19. Witching Hour
20. Harbored Souls
21. Eclipse

Press Reviews

Movement Magazine – “…probably one of the best, if not the best “gothic” release of the year!”

DBM Magazine – “’Realm Of Shadows’ is truly a haunting gothic soundscape of epic proportions.”

Happy Halloween Magazine – “Midnight Syndicate and Halloween are a match made in…well, heaven.”

Sanctuary (Switzerland) – “…an album that could well become the soundtrack to your darkest desires!”

Amazing Sounds (Spain) – “Midnight Syndicate takes us to an impressive adventure towards dark side.”

Sorted MagAZine (Ireland) – “I love it!” – “What a great CD. 21 tracks that create a pure, scary soundscape for your Halloween gathering or haunt.”

Legends Magazine (#102) – “You would be hard pressed to find anything as chilling as ‘Realm of Shadows’

Vae Solis (Russia) – “’Realm Of Shadows’ is definitely the best album I’ve heard lately among those to be reckoned to the so-called ‘dark ambient’ genre.”

Occum’s Razor (Scotland) – “It creates the perfect chilling, atmospheric music.”

Dark Nights (UK) – “Well they’ve done it again, if you want the ultimate in atmospheric and spooky music look no further…

Starvox – “…one of the most effective ambient/soundtrack type bands around today. I highly recommend this.”

Underground Entertainment – “Midnight Syndicate has done it again!… This is gothic music at its best.”

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) – “’Realm of Shadows’ proudly boasts some of the coolest dark, gothic soundscapes in years.”

Outburn Magazine – “Midnight Syndicate takes its brand of symphonic horror to a new level this time.”

Bleeding Minds – “…transcend reality and escape into a realm of musical genius. You won’t be disappointed!”

Raging Smolder Music Reviews – “…a hair-raising spine-tingling adventure!”

Gothic Topic Magazine Online – “’Realm of Shadows ranks with the epitome of the best in instrumental gothic music…

The Surly Sullen Bell (Russia) – “What can I say about the new Midnight Syndicate album, except the mark I’ve already given it? – a 50 out of 50…


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