Monsters of Legend



A foreboding castle, perched upon the cliffs, looms over the mysterious village of Arcacia where monsters of legend roam its hillsides. Inspired by classic horror cinema created by film companies like Universal Studios and Hammer Films, this album promises to send a chill up your spine as it transports you back to the Golden Age of horror. 2014 Rondo Award Winner – Best Horror Album.


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Track Listing

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1. Return to Arcacia
2. Into the Valley of Shadows
3. A Watchful Gathering
4. Inn of the Weeping Sparrow
5. Unwanted Visitor
6. Requiem
7. Witching Hour
8. Unexpected Cargo
9. Black Woods
10. Twilight
11. Carriage Ride
12. Stone Guardians
13. Ancient Portal
14. Dark Tower
15. Building the Monster
16. Lord of the Realm
17. Forgotten Alcoves
18. A Terror Unleashed
19. Cloistered Cemetery
20. It Lives!
21. Beyond the Veil of Time

Press Reviews

Dread Central – “This is what Midnight Syndicate does best: dark, goth instrumental orchestrations that fit a general theme and provide an excellent mental backdrop to all things horror. As evidenced by their recent forays into film scores, their compositions have thickened dramatically since the ‘Born of the Night’ days, giving ‘Monsters of Legend’ an epic feel that fits the monsters.

‘Monsters of Legend’ represents the pinnacle of this kind of music. They pretty much invented it and refuse to give up the crown to any newcomers. Much like these titans of cinema, Midnight Syndicate are proving to be timeless and unshakable, continuing to provide amazing music for all of our nightmares.”

FEARnet – “…their most elaborate and entertaining creation to date… MONSTERS OF LEGEND takes that storytelling aspect to the next level, creating a full-scale sense of cinema and casting you, the listener, as the protagonist in a classic horror film… The nostalgic fun-factor alone is enough for me to rank this record among my all-time favorite Midnight Syndicate creations, but it also satisfies the horror soundtrack fiend in me…

Gross Movie Reviews – “…their best work to date. I cannot stress how much this CD touched the old school monster nerve inside of me. Midnight Syndicate has upped their game to unbelievable heights. Plain and simple if you don’t own a copy of this great Universal Monster inspired CD then I just don’t know how you can call yourself a horror fan….a very memorable CD for horror fans to enjoy for years to come….4 out of 4 stars.”

Screamzine – “… a venerable masterpiece …hands down my favorite CD to date from Midnight Syndicate

Rue Morgue (Canada) – “Extremely cinematic in scope and feel, ‘Monsters of Legend’ is an album tailored for grown-up monster kids. It will appeal to horror fans of every shade.”

Forgotten Flix – “a dark and beautiful journey through the Theater of the Mind from the biggest, and best, name in the Halloween music genre….It will leave you longing for the movies and cinematic horrors it celebrates.”

Side-Line Music Magazine (Belgium) – “Midnight Syndicate sounds like the true heirs of the ‘old’ horror-music composers and this album is probably one of their most accomplished and genius oeuvres to date. Twenty one tracks to freak out (with) on Halloween’s eve!”

Gravedigger’s Local 16 – “This is a labor of love from people who clearly know what their stuff…a beautiful musical tribute that all horror fans should own.”

Cryptic Corridor – “Midnight Syndicate prove once again that they definitely know what they are doing… while refining their craft and managing to break new ground!”

Dr. Necrotic’s Reviews – “a cinematic experience… to die for! Not only is it a great addition to your Halloween season, but it’s also a considerable collectable for any fan of classic horror cinema. 9 out of 10!”

Kingdom Horror – “The atmosphere in ‘Monsters of Legend’ explores classic horror and takes a journey through conventional inspiration in what may be the finest display of gothic music ever produced. ‘Monsters of Legend’ and the evil geniuses behind its creation that have entertained audiences for over a decade will become timeless tributes to the genre that has fascinated audiences for over a century.”

Halloween Overkill – “…you will be instantly transported to a foggy cliffside castle, or a romp through an ancient european forest, or even perhaps a creepy old village where something is ‘not quite right’. Easily one of my favorite Midnight Syndicate releases. 5 out of 5.”

Dead With Dave (Video Review) – “One of the most compelling Halloween CDs I have ever heard. In all reality, I expected nothing less from the kings of the Halloween music industry.” Following the review be sure to check out a really slick promo video for Black Woods featuring horror film classic clips from over the decades!

Terror From Beyond the Daves – “The official start of the Halloween season. It perfectly blends atmospheric music inspired by your favorite Universal and Hammer films with sound effects, creating the perfect background, for either your yard haunt or just to listen to as you are driving!”

Darkest Jack – “This is a must have for any horror fan… It’s what they do best at their best. Monsters of Legend is destined to become a legend in its own right.”

Black Veil Gothic (UK) – “I listen to a lot of filmscore music and this has to be the best album for any horror film since Silva Screen produced their Hammer/Vampire compilations in the early 90’s. Midnight Syndicate’s scariest symphonic monsterpiece yet!”

Mr. Frights – “…a CD that I want to play over and over again… as masterful as any of the previous albums. But this one is special….helped create one of the BEST spooky experiences ever! The terror this CD induced compels me to give this CD four (out of four) full screams!”

City Blood – “MONSTERS OF LEGEND is one of Midnight Syndicate’s best albums to date and features great stories told through the art of music. The icons of horror are brought to the forefront and have been unleashed upon the listeners of this horrifying CD. Highly recommended.”

Games Gazette (UK) – “…majestical masterpieces that one can envisage being heard in concert at the Royal Albery Hall or the Festival Hall (Southbank) performed by a Philharmonic Orchestra of renown… a powerful CD with a definitive theme.”

Louisville Halloween – “richer and more symphonic than anything they’ve released before, represents these two artists at the absolute peak of their talent. Perhaps the theme of classic monster cinema has connected with Douglas and Goszka’s best childhood Halloween memories and inspired their best work to date.”

Theofantastique – “this album hits the right notes, and in this reviewer’s estimation, is one of the best Midnight Syndicate has produced.”

Designing the Fear – “The tracks echo the classic monsters but it tosses in Midnight Syndicate’s classic traits that will make your ear drums bleed in excitement….full of Easter Eggs for the classic monster fans…I loved every second…. it is up there with my all time favorite Midnight Syndicate albums. I highly recommend it.”

Dr. Zombie – “To say that the duo of Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas have outdone themselves is an understatement of negligent proportions. ‘Monsters of Legend’ is a masterpiece and the single best album of their dozen plus to date. The level of musical sophistication on ‘Monsters of Legends’ is far and above anything Midnight Syndicate have done previously. It is simultaneously evocative and chilling.”

Ramblings from the Black Lagoon – “Syndicate’s best album since ‘The 13th Hour’…and that’s saying something since I thought their previous offering, 2012’s ‘Carnival Arcane’, was a damned masterpiece! When compared against the two original albums, which this album references, you cannot help but be struck by how much this duo has evolved not only as composers, but as musicians.”

Hammer Horror Podcast (Australia)A really interesting review from podcasters listening to Midnight Syndicate for the first time. The team includes a scholar of Hammer Films (who shares some great info on Hammer composers) as well as two promo producers. A unique perspective. Glad they enjoyed it!

Behind the Thrills – “The legends are there, but in an all new light. You can almost hear Bernard Herrmann humming along in approval….a ‘classic’ Midnight Syndicate release.”

Haunt Review Crew – “…a legendary piece of music!”

Black Gate – “Midnight Syndicate has really outdone themselves this time.”

Shawn “Knightmist” Micallef Blog/Reviews – “it’s the perfect soundtrack for the mind. The creatures of old will certainly come to life in your imagination as you enjoy this great album.”

Midnight Spookhouse – “5 out of 5 – a beautiful set of truly thought-provoking melodies but it runs far deeper and darker than that. You will literally feel the intentions of each track of the disc.”

Music’s Underworld – “the album really brings to the table what it promises: an atmospheric journey back in time where Lugosi’s Count Dracula or Karloff’s Frankenstein’s monster could be lurking just around the corner…

Horror Talk – “With ‘Monsters of Legend’, the band has completely knocked it out of the park… they have taken it to another level.”

Bite Size Music Reviews (Mantaray Pictures) – “…their most accomplished work. If you are a lover of horror films in any capacity, you’ll cherish their latest

Metal Asylum – “8.5 out of 10

SpecMusicMuse – “Midnight Syndicate has made a lot of excellent albums over the years, but this one is by far one of the best. Every fan of the old Horror films, or anyone who likes scary music, should add this CD to their collection.”

Outburn (Issue #71) – “…the album is slick, clean, and produced – yet the mood set is undeniable. Midnight Syndicate knows what they’re doing and show no signs of stopping in their quest to celebrate everything spooky, kooky, and ooky when it comes to Halloween horror tunes

Pop Culture Review – “If you are making plans for a Halloween party this October, Monsters of Legend is the perfect background music for the season.”

The Year of Halloween – “Particularly, “Black Woods” and “It’s Alive!” had me giving Midnight Syndicate a standing ovation


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