Midnight Syndicate

RELEASE DATE: July 25th, 1997


An eclectic blending of musical styles, this album began Midnight Syndicate’s quest to create ‘soundtracks for the imagination’. Although the selections range from rap to rock to new age, the darker tracks set the groundwork for what was to become Midnight Syndicate’s trademark sound. An interesting excursion into the formative period of the band.




Track Listing

(To hear songs and outtakes from this album visit our Rarities from the Archives playlist on YouTube)
1. Ruins of Arcacia (Rock instr.)
2. Premonitions of a Killer (Rap)
3. Dark Folk (Early version Shadows)
4. Forklift Death (Punk)
5. Wall-2-Wall Karpit (?)
6. Druids (Goth rock instr.)
7. That Would’ve Changed Everything (Rock instr.)
8. Enchanted Nursery (Early version Haunted Nursery)
9. Hellacious Acres (Rock drama)
10. Gretchen’s Theme (Piano instr.)
11. Wamma Wamma Jamma (Rockabilly)
12. Theme to The Dead Matter
(Early version Vampire’s Kiss)
13. Let Me Be (Goth rock)
14. Zoe-5 (Ambient/Space)
15. Midnight at the Swingin’ Lizard (Jazz/Swing)
16. Gildian’s Harp (New Age)
17. Journey Into Dementia (Techno)