Gates of Delirium


RELEASE DATE: March 3rd, 2001

The Midnight Syndicate classic that introduced the world to the Haverghast family. The prelude to ‘The 13th Hour’, ‘Gates of Delirium’ takes listeners on a journey into the haunting world of Haverghast Asylum where patients (both past and present) await your arrival. This groundbreaking release features the perfect blend of pulse-pounding orchestration, chilling asylum atmosphere, and sinister sound effects. (54 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Arrival
2. Welcome
3. Haverghast Asylum
4. Halls of Insurrection
5. Cage of Solitude
6. Residents Past
7. Adelaide
8. Phantom Sentinels
9. Gates of Delirium
10. Non Compos Mentis
11. Procession of the Damned
12. Infestation
13. Room 47
14. Dark Discovery
15. Morbid Fascination
16. Dead of Night
17. Alternative Therapy
18. Crimson Door
19. Unrest in the East Wing
20. Ebony Shroud
21. Sleep Tight

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2006 artwork /packaging (pictured), Original 2001 artwork / packaging (out of print, limited quantities available)

Press Reviews

Drive-In of the Dead – “easily stands on its own as a classic early release from Midnight Syndicate… Gavin Gozska and Edward Douglas show that, even at this early date, they were (and are) masters at composing catchy Gothic hooks that stick with you.”

Judas Kiss (UK) – “A truly classic album that will set new standards within the soundtrack / neo-classical genres.”

Darklife (UK/Germany/Switzerland) – “Midnight Syndicate is back with another masterpiece of classical-tinted darkness

Haunted Attraction Magazine – “Midnight Syndicate has outdone themselves with this third masterpiece.”

Loki-Music (UK) – “If atmospheric music, in its most traditional gothic sense is what you like then this album is a must!”

Fears Magazine – “MS has expanded their musical repertoire…and broadened their musicality

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) – “The latest installment of horror-inspired atmospheric numbers by Midnight Syndicate is no doubt their most impressive and mind-blowing… Truly pioneers in their field

Movement Magazine – “The masters of gothic symphonic horror music have returned! Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have done it again, and created a true masterpiece of frightening soundscapes…

Rue Morgue Magazine – “’Gates of Delirium’ may properly be called music for a non-existent horror film, one that plays out in your head. This one does, but the shivers are all in the flesh.”

Krepuskulum (Brazil) – “New masterpiece of ambient keyboard soundscape!”

Music Extreme (Argentina) – “…the whole album is really amazing, they have become one of my favorite bands…

Drive-in of the Dead – “Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas prove, even at this early date, that they were (and are) masters at composing catchy Gothic hooks that stick with you… a classic early release

Bleeding Minds – “…another musical journey that surpasses all others.” – “AAAAWESOME!”

The New Empire (Germany) – “…maybe we cannot sleep anymore after we listened to the fourth release of Midnight Syndicate because they are on the best way to create the ultimate horror-album.”

Outburn Magazine – “…a great job of combining bombast and subtlety to make the album a diverse and complete story.”

Mourning the Ancient – “High quality all around. Another success!”

Sideline Magazine (Belgium) – “Don’t be afraid, be very afraid.”

Vae Solis (Russia) – “…musically it doubtlessly should be considered a progression…6 of 6

Legends Magazine – “…one must conclude that no one has been able to provide horror entertainment quite like this.”


The Plague – Interview with Edward Douglas by Daniel Hinds

Mourning the Ancient – Interview with Gavin Goszka

Music Extreme (Argentina)Interview with Gavin Goszka by Federico Marongiu

Darker Than The Bat (Belgium)Interview with Edward Douglas by Peter – Jan Van Damme

Krepuskulum (Brazil)Interview with Edward Douglas by Edgar Franco

Legends MagazineInterview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka by Marcus Pan

Loop (#39)Audio/Video feature for ‘Gates of Delirium’

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