Gates of Delirium


RELEASE DATE: March 3rd, 2001

The Midnight Syndicate classic that introduced the world to the Haverghast family. The prelude to ‘The 13th Hour’, ‘Gates of Delirium’ takes listeners on a journey into the haunting world of Haverghast Asylum where patients (both past and present) await your arrival. This groundbreaking release features the perfect blend of pulse-pounding orchestration, chilling asylum atmosphere, and sinister sound effects. (54 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Arrival
2. Welcome
3. Haverghast Asylum
4. Halls of Insurrection
5. Cage of Solitude
6. Residents Past
7. Adelaide
8. Phantom Sentinels
9. Gates of Delirium
10. Non Compos Mentis
11. Procession of the Damned
12. Infestation
13. Room 47
14. Dark Discovery
15. Morbid Fascination
16. Dead of Night
17. Alternative Therapy
18. Crimson Door
19. Unrest in the East Wing
20. Ebony Shroud
21. Sleep Tight

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2006 artwork /packaging (pictured), Original 2001 artwork / packaging (out of print, limited quantities available)

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