Born of the Night


RELEASE DATE: September 1st, 1998


The Dark Tower stands high upon a rocky outcrop, gazing down upon the landscape below with cold, merciless eyes. For as long as anyone can remember, its forbidden halls have been known only to the nightmarish denizens that call it home, as none that have ventured near it have ever returned to tell of their journey. One thing is certain – the Dark Tower is a place best left alone. Whatever horrible secrets it keeps are not meant for the eyes of the living… (48 minutes)


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Track Listing

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1. Premonition
2. Darkness Descends
3. Born of the Night
4. Lost Souls
5. Dark Tower
6. The Apparition
7. Gargoyles
8. Lurking Fear
9. Shadows
10. Whispers
11. Solemn Reflections
12. Haunted Nursery
13. Woe
14. Masque of Sorrow
15. Requiem
16. Dungeon
17. Something Wicked
18. Vampire’s Kiss
19. Nightstalker
20. Midnight
21. Forbidden Crypts

Press Reviews

Legends Magazine (#102) – “…the leader in high-quality spookiness …No Halloween gathering or gothic collection is complete until you own the work of Midnight Syndicate.”

Decibel Magazine – “…if you need a soundtrack for your Halloween party this weekend, you really can’t do any better than this.”

Original Sin (Belgium) – “…even if you’re not into vampyres and bats, I think it is almost impossible not to be touched by the beauty of this…Superb.”

Chaotic Critiques (#12) (Canada) – “’Born of the Night’ marries a classical mastery of dynamics with an ambient appreciation for mood and texture, and then paints the soundscapes in the grim colors of eerie goth.”

Dark Nights (UK) – “…this is about as spooky as it gets…

Fears Magazine – “If you like dark, brooding, haunting music with melody and passion then ‘Born of the Night’ is for you… Do yourself a favor and get hooked into the Midnight Syndicate

The Surly Sullen Bell (Russia) – “…a little advice, don’t forget to press (the) Repeat button on your CD player.”

Amazing Sounds (Spain) – “No doubt, this is an amazing work, highly recommended to those who seek something more on the line of current electronic music.”

Dark Velvet – “Twenty-one songs of pure gothic bliss wrapped up in a gothic aesthetic to die for.”

The New Empire (Germany) – “Behind every single track, a ghost is lurking…

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) (#38) – “…a soundtrack for all things gothic…

Burn – “’Born of the Night’ is one of the best dark scores I’ve heard in a long time…if you are looking for great music to write to, or music to close your eyes and dream to, pick this one up.”

Carpe Noctem (#15) – “Midnight Syndicate has crafted a beautiful album here, perfect for that reflective time between the darkest part of the night and when the first slivers of light come peeking over the mountains at dawn.”

The Gothic Preservation Society – “I highly recommend this album and pray you enjoy it as much as I do.”

International Vampyre (Netherlands) – “‘symphonic’ in the best sense of the word…what a music it is!”

Sinister Tales – “There could be no clearer acclamation of the noteworthiness of this CD than to suggest that film producers of horror and suspense seek out Midnight Syndicate to uplift their own movies with such invocations as this music undoubtedly produces in both the mind of the dreamer and the spirits of the undead

Outburn Magazine (#8) – “Midnight Syndicate encapsulates the power and passion of the night and its mysteries…an exceptional release that beautifully explores gothic horror and romance… I highly recommend it.”

Nightshade Magazine (Germany) – “Rising above many records of today’s music world ‘Midnight Syndicate’ manages to create a record that personifies mankind’s horrors and unspoken fears…Searching for innovation? A unique sound…in today’s Gothic world? Search no more!”

Circular Cosmic Spot – “Easily one of the darkest releases I’ve heard in a long time…on the conventional end of the electronic spectrum, but standing alone in their own goth/horror realm

Cleveland Moshteam – “…in one word, a masterpiece…

Scene Magazine – “Beautifully eerie, serene, melancholic, and sinister…ample haunting melodies in every sense of the word …a first-rate Gothic album

The Plain Dealer – “‘Born of the Night’ is a graveyard smash!”


Black Monday (UK)interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate and Joseph Vargo of Monolith Graphics

The New Empire (Germany) – interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate

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