Midnight Syndicate® 13th Anniversary Video Contest


Interested in making your own film cut to MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® music? You provide the video content - and MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® will provide the soundtrack. MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® is conducting a contest to give new or experienced filmmakers and animators a chance to be included in The Dead Matter DVD package and win other fabulous prizes.

Your video or silent movie ("Your Video") may be created using any technology. In connection with this contest only, you have a license to synchronize Your Video to any sound recording/musical composition that appears on any of the following MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® albums: Realm of Shadows (all songs except Prophecy), Gates of Delirium, Vampyre, Dungeons & Dragons®, The 13th Hour, Out of the Darkness, The Rage: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates. You may not alter the music. You have a limited license to use the music in connection with this contest. You may not exploit Your Video in any other commercial manner without permission.

There is no entry fee whatsoever. You can enter as often as you wish, submitting multiple videos. Your Video must be a "silent" movie, i.e., no dialogue or audio at all except for the MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® music. The winning video/ movie will be selected by MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® personnel and a panel of experts. At the present time, the judges are expected to be: Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka (from MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE®), Robert Kurtzman (producer of From Dusk Till Dawn, co-founder KNB FX), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, Van Helsing's Curse, Strangeland), Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead, Friday the 13th), and Gary Jones (Xena, Boogeyman 3). The winning entry will be selected based on a variety of criteria, including originality, creativity - and, of course, does Your Video send chills down the spine?

To enter, you should upload Your Video to YouTube and send us the link through: info@midnightsyndicate.com. Please put MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE VIDEO CONTEST in the subject field. You can also burn Your Video onto a DVD or DVD-R and mail it to: Midnight Syndicate Video Contest - 11510 Boxwood Circle - Chardon, OH 44024. All links and DVDs must be received by 11:50 p.m. EST on Wednesday May 5, 2010. Entries received after that date and time will not be considered for the contest.

Six finalists will be chosen. Each finalist, including the grand prize winner, will receive autographed merchandise from Van Helsing's Curse and Midnight Syndicate as well as be featured and promoted on Midnight Syndicate's websites, other related websites, and at promotional events. In addition, if Your Video is the winning video, you will be awarded the following grand prize and ancillary prizes: (1) Your Video will appear as a feature on The Dead Matter DVD (pending the clearance of all necessary rights from you and contributors to Your Video); (2) a $125 gift certificate from Screamline Studios; (3) a $200 gift certificate from Conquest Graphics; (4) a zombie mask and matching arms from Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps valued at $250; (5) a limited edition prop replica from The Dead Matter motion picture signed by members of the cast; (6) autographed CDs and merchandise from Dee Snider's Van Helsing's Curse; and (7) a complete set of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE® CDs (including out-of-print titles).

Each entry must include a printed and signed version of the "Legal Stuff".pdf.
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Questions? Contact: info@midnightsyndicate.com.