INITIAL SHOW RUN: SEPTEMBER 12th - NOVEMBER 1st, 2014 (Cedar Point)


Theme Park Insider - "...one of the most memorable Halloween events I have ever seen. HalloWeekends at Cedar Point will never be quite the same for me."

My Own CP - "I was blown away. An amazing addition to Cedar Point."

Haunted Review (includes interview) - "Midnight Syndicate really outdid themselves. A must-see..."

Ohio.com - "Part concert, part movie, part theater, part just plain creepy... sure to put you in the Halloween mood. Top-notch and ambitious..."

Barrel O' Fun - "...more than just listening to haunting music. Live music, recorded and live video, fog, lighting and special effects suspend reality and engulf the audience."

Plain Dealer - (includes video) "Forget the roller coasters. If you really want a scare at Cedar Point this fall, check out the live show by Midnight Syndicate."


WKYC Channel 3 - television feature including footage from the show, brief interview, and images

News Herald (9/23/14) - feature and interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka. Covering the genesis and development of Midnight Syndicate Live! and more. Includes brief interview and clips from the show.

Forgotten Flix (10/26/14) - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka. They discuss favorite horror films, the live show, and more.

Haunted Review - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka on set of Midnight Syndicate Live!

Big Scary Show (Episode #64 - 9/28/14) - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka from the set of the show

Beyond the Playlist (10/5/14) - an in-depth interview with Gavin and Ed covering their inspirations and origins, the new live show, how they create their music, side projects, and more

Horror Addicts Podcast (Episode 110 - 10/22/14 - begins at 15:55) - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

America's Most Haunted - (11/26/14) - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka





Horror Addicts - "...from the first two songs you know your listening to a masterpiece."

MantaRay Pictures - "Impressive. Edward Douglas is a chameleon on this project... (having) Midnight Syndicate branch out to capture the essence of Americana... the soundtrack pretty scary with gnarly brass, chilling strings and high-octane scoring."

Gross Movie Reviews - "Fun, yet elegant period music that made me actually want to watch the film again to see how it helps blend the scenes together. Midnight Syndicate once again composes a soundtrack that is a must own for movie soundtrack collectors and proves their music is becoming a bigger part of the film than the film itself... I give it 3 1/2 out of 4."

Side-Line Music Magazine (Belgium) - "My favorite pieces... 'S.T.U.M.P.S Meet Bunyan' and 'Bunyan On The Move.' Here, we recognize the familiar epic arrangements and horror atmospheres that made Midnight Syndicate special... (and) walk throughout chilling fields reminding us of the good old black & white movies of the horror genre. There's no other or better artist to imagine and compose such a work."

Games Gazette (UK) - "What makes this movie most memorable is the excitingly brilliant score that peaks, flows, rises and softens at all the right moments. Perfect background when you are alone in your home with the lights down."

Pop Culture Previews - "...a nice brooding soundtrack... These are the sort of songs that Midnight Syndicate has mastered like no other... they continue to entertain as this album sounds significantly different than most of their works."

28 Days Later Analysis - "Arguably, one of the best composers of horror music... unsettling... atmospheric...diverse."


RELEASE DATE : JULY 19th, 2013



Dread Central - "This is what Midnight Syndicate does best: dark, goth instrumental orchestrations that fit a general theme and provide an excellent mental backdrop to all things horror. As evidenced by their recent forays into film scores, their compositions have thickened dramatically since the 'Born of the Night' days, giving 'Monsters of Legend' an epic feel that fits the monsters.

'Monsters of Legend' represents the pinnacle of this kind of music. They pretty much invented it and refuse to give up the crown to any newcomers. Much like these titans of cinema, Midnight Syndicate are proving to be timeless and unshakable, continuing to provide amazing music for all of our nightmares.

FEARnet - "...their most elaborate and entertaining creation to date... MONSTERS OF LEGEND takes that storytelling aspect to the next level, creating a full-scale sense of cinema and casting you, the listener, as the protagonist in a classic horror film... The nostalgic fun-factor alone is enough for me to rank this record among my all-time favorite Midnight Syndicate creations, but it also satisfies the horror soundtrack fiend in me..."

Gross Movie Reviews - "...their best work to date. I cannot stress how much this CD touched the old school monster nerve inside of me. Midnight Syndicate has upped their game to unbelievable heights. Plain and simple if you don't own a copy of this great Universal Monster inspired CD then I just don't know how you can call yourself a horror fan....a very memorable CD for horror fans to enjoy for years to come....4 out of 4 stars."

Screamzine - "... a venerable masterpiece ...hands down my favorite CD to date from Midnight Syndicate"

Rue Morgue (Canada) - "Extremely cinematic in scope and feel, 'Monsters of Legend' is an album tailored for grown-up monster kids. It will appeal to horror fans of every shade."

Forgotten Flix - "a dark and beautiful journey through the Theater of the Mind from the biggest, and best, name in the Halloween music genre....It will leave you longing for the movies and cinematic horrors it celebrates."

Side-Line Music Magazine (Belgium) - "Midnight Syndicate sounds like the true heirs of the 'old' horror-music composers and this album is probably one of their most accomplished and genius oeuvres to date. Twenty one tracks to freak out (with) on Halloween's eve!"

Gravedigger's Local 16 - "This is a labor of love from people who clearly know what their stuff...a beautiful musical tribute that all horror fans should own."

Dr. Necrotic's Reviews - "a cinematic experience... to die for! Not only is it a great addition to your Halloween season, but it's also a considerable collectable for any fan of classic horror cinema. 9 out of 10!"

Kingdom Horror - "The atmosphere in 'Monsters of Legend' explores classic horror and takes a journey through conventional inspiration in what may be the finest display of gothic music ever produced. 'Monsters of Legend' and the evil geniuses behind its creation that have entertained audiences for over a decade will become timeless tributes to the genre that has fascinated audiences for over a century."

Halloween Overkill - "...you will be instantly transported to a foggy cliffside castle, or a romp through an ancient european forest, or even perhaps a creepy old village where something is 'not quite right'. Easily one of my favorite Midnight Syndicate releases. 5 out of 5."

Dead With Dave (Video Review) - "One of the most compelling Halloween CDs I have ever heard. In all reality, I expected nothing less from the kings of the Halloween music industry." Following the review be sure to check out a really slick promo video for Black Woods featuring horror film classic clips from over the decades!

Terror From Beyond the Daves - "The official start of the Halloween season. It perfectly blends atmospheric music inspired by your favorite Universal and Hammer films with sound effects, creating the perfect background, for either your yard haunt or just to listen to as you are driving!"

Darkest Jack - "This is a must have for any horror fan... It's what they do best at their best. Monsters of Legend is destined to become a legend in its own right."

Black Veil Gothic (UK) - "I listen to a lot of filmscore music and this has to be the best album for any horror film since Silva Screen produced their Hammer/Vampire compilations in the early 90's. Midnight Syndicate's scariest symphonic monsterpiece yet!"

Mr. Frights - "...a CD that I want to play over and over again... as masterful as any of the previous albums. But this one is special....helped create one of the BEST spooky experiences ever! The terror this CD induced compels me to give this CD four (out of four) full screams!"

City Blood - "MONSTERS OF LEGEND is one of Midnight Syndicate's best albums to date and features great stories told through the art of music. The icons of horror are brought to the forefront and have been unleashed upon the listeners of this horrifying CD. Highly recommended."

Games Gazette (UK) - "...majestical masterpieces that one can envisage being heard in concert at the Royal Albery Hall or the Festival Hall (Southbank) performed by a Philharmonic Orchestra of renown... a powerful CD with a definitive theme."

Louisville Halloween - "richer and more symphonic than anything they've released before, represents these two artists at the absolute peak of their talent. Perhaps the theme of classic monster cinema has connected with Douglas and Goszka's best childhood Halloween memories and inspired their best work to date."

Theofantastique - "this album hits the right notes, and in this reviewer's estimation, is one of the best Midnight Syndicate has produced."

Designing the Fear - "The tracks echo the classic monsters but it tosses in Midnight Syndicate's classic traits that will make your ear drums bleed in excitement....full of Easter Eggs for the classic monster fans...I loved every second.... it is up there with my all time favorite Midnight Syndicate albums. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Zombie - "To say that the duo of Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas have outdone themselves is an understatement of negligent proportions. 'Monsters of Legend' is a masterpiece and the single best album of their dozen plus to date. The level of musical sophistication on 'Monsters of Legends' is far and above anything Midnight Syndicate have done previously. It is simultaneously evocative and chilling."

Ramblings from the Black Lagoon - "Syndicate's best album since 'The 13th Hour'...and that's saying something since I thought their previous offering, 2012's 'Carnival Arcane', was a damned masterpiece! When compared against the two original albums, which this album references, you cannot help but be struck by how much this duo has evolved not only as composers, but as musicians."

Hammer Horror Podcast (Australia) - A really interesting review from podcasters listening to Midnight Syndicate for the first time. The team includes a scholar of Hammer Films (who shares some great info on Hammer composers) as well as two promo producers. A unique perspective. Glad they enjoyed it!

Behind the Thrills - "The legends are there, but in an all new light. You can almost hear Bernard Herrmann humming along in approval....a 'classic' Midnight Syndicate release."

Haunt Review Crew - "...a legendary piece of music!"

Black Gate - "Midnight Syndicate has really outdone themselves this time."

Shawn "Knightmist" Micallef Blog/Reviews - "it's the perfect soundtrack for the mind. The creatures of old will certainly come to life in your imagination as you enjoy this great album."

Midnight Spookhouse - "5 out of 5 - a beautiful set of truly thought-provoking melodies but it runs far deeper and darker than that. You will literally feel the intentions of each track of the disc."

Music's Underworld - "the album really brings to the table what it promises: an atmospheric journey back in time where Lugosi's Count Dracula or Karloff's Frankenstein's monster could be lurking just around the corner..."

Horror Talk - "With 'Monsters of Legend', the band has completely knocked it out of the park... they have taken it to another level."

Bite Size Music Reviews (Mantaray Pictures) - "...their most accomplished work. If you are a lover of horror films in any capacity, you'll cherish their latest"

Metal Asylum - "8.5 out of 10"

Outburn (Issue #71) - "...the album is slick, clean, and produced - yet the mood set is undeniable. Midnight Syndicate knows what they're doing and show no signs of stopping in their quest to celebrate everything spooky, kooky, and ooky when it comes to Halloween horror tunes"

Pop Culture Review - "If you are making plans for a Halloween party this October, Monsters of Legend is the perfect background music for the season."

The Year of Halloween - "Particularly, "Black Woods" and "It's Alive!" had me giving Midnight Syndicate a standing ovation"


Discussions Magazine - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Scary Monsters Magazine (Issue #89) - interview with Edward Douglas

Bellesprit - Cover story interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Creature Feature - interview with Edward Douglas

City Blood - interview with Edward Douglas

Legends of Horror - showcase on Midnight Syndicate

Justine's Halloween - a track-by-track overview from a Halloween fan and home haunter's perspective

Destini Beard with Midnight Syndicate




Killer Reviews - "From the first track through the last, the album is a collection of dreams lost in a nightmare, but in the best way possible. Between the amazing music from Midnight Syndicate and the haunting and hypnotic vocals of Destini, this album is one not to be missed... certainly going to be one that remains in constant rotation as the Fall and Halloween seasons arrive."

MantaRay Pictures (Terry Wickham) - "...not only moody and atmospheric, but actually bewitching."





Fangoria Magazine - "CARNIVAL ARCANE proves that, 14 years into their career, Douglas and Goszka are still very capable of outdoing themselves... their mission statement of 'soundtracks to imaginary films' has never been as well-realized as it has been in this outing."

FEARnet - "(Carnival Arcane) has a real sense of cinema to it, unfolding like a movie in your mind, and that movie is a lights-out chiller on a grand scale... you're in for an early Halloween treat!"

Killer Reviews - "...this time it is flat out perfection... they take their craft to another level with no looking back... a unique listening experience that is rarely seen in much of music today."

Mr. Frights - "All in all, this is about the closest thing to a perfect CD that I can imagine."

Apex Publishing - "...might be a high point in the band's already stellar and legendary career... What they have produced is a memorable album that blends historical realism with the recognizable fantastic elements that has helped make Midnight Syndicate one of the most popular instrumental-only groups in the world."

Dread Central - "OK, folks, it's Midnight Syndicate. At this point in their career, that's all you need to know. You know it's going to be really good. This one is just particularly solid because of the added narrative ...interactive audio horror to engage your mind and send you into a thrilling adventure. 5 out of 5!!"

Virus Magazine (#45 - Germany) - "A new classic! 10/10 - MONSTER OF THE MONTH!"

Dr. Zombie's Midnight Theater of Terror - "Carnival Arcane is, in a word, perfection. This CD is a masterpiece, and the deviant minds behind Midnight Syndicate - Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka - have outdone themselves."

Rotting Flesh Radio #242 - "...an absolutely tremendous album! 5 out of 5! Midnight Syndicate has maintained their epic signature sound while continuing to grow musically." This 10-minute segment features sample tracks with commentary from a music fan and haunter's perspective.

Halloween Overkill - "...so infectious that I simply cannot stop listening to it! Midnight Syndicate's use of sound effects mixed with their trademark orchestral sound is cranked up to maximum effect here... 5 out of 5 'Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns' and can officially say it is tied for first as my favorite Midnight Syndicate CD!"

HorrorTalk - "Epic. That's the word that immediately came to mind after listening to Midnight Syndicate's 'Carnival Arcane' all the way through for the first time: Epic... an impressive album... a wonderful mixture of tunes from bleak to thrilling to hopeful all seamlessly put together for one journey. An epic one, if you will."

Scott Sandridge (SpecMusicMuse) - "Midnight Syndicate outdo themselves with 'Carnival Arcane' - one of, if not the best music CD they've yet produced."

Drunken Severed Head - "the best Midnight Syndicate CD yet!"

Dark Beauty (#8) - "...sublime and perfect ...genius and altogether disturbing in the most amusing of ways."

Rue Morgue (#116) - "Those seeking more than the usual haunted houses and dark castles need look no further. Coulorphobics, however, probably should skip this ride. - 4 skulls."

Haunted Radio (review starts at 8:00) - "This is a must-have CD. Wow...unbelievable!"

Haunt off the Press - "Midnight Syndicate has another masterpiece on their hands with CARNIVAL ARCANE ... it truly is one hell of an adventure."

Love-It-Loud - "...arguably their strongest album to date."

Outburn Magazine (Issue #61) - "...evocative, somber, and moving in tone, setting up a wide sweeping level of atmosphere that sounds so massive that the band's in-demand status totally makes sense - 8 out of 10."

Drive-In of the Dead - "Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas have done it again... a terrific 'soundtrack to an imaginary film' loaded with realistic turn-of-the-century sound effects and seriously sinister atmosphere. To be honest, I had my doubts (the) subject matter would be too narrow... (but) this IS Midnight Syndicate we're talking about. Who else could take a theme like a circus and completely turn it on its head? 'Carnival Arcane' exceeded my expectations."

Behind the Thrills - "a very ambitious album that hits the mark every single time on every single track - keeping you guessing, and leading you down paths in ways you never thought Midnight Syndicate would take you."

Teilzeithelden (Germany) - "...grade das ist doch grandios! - 4/5."

Dr. Gangrene's Tales from the Lab - "I can't stop listening to it!"

Bastards of Horror - "...beautiful but downright horrifying great music that is a must buy. 4 out of 4 stars."

Sandman Cinema - "...Midnight Syndicate sets out to take 'listeners to the Lancaster-Rigby Carnival, a turn-of-the-century traveling circus with more than a few skeletons in its closet.' And they succeeded magnificently... a great story-telling CD that works on multiple levels."

Terror from Beyond the Daves - "...this is a must-have for your collection! The music at times is genuinely creepy and yet manages to hold on to the charm that only circus music can provide!"

Halloween Alliance - "...an essential album to add to your horror collection and powerful mood music while celebrating Halloween... 'Carnival Arcane' continues their grand, masterful tradition of storytelling with music, but is even more ambitious than all others - both in the depth, grandeur and creepiness of the music, and in the well-researched and accurate representation of what it would be like to visit a slightly shabby, sinister circus from the Victorian era."

Video Vault - "a creepy, fascinating take on the Carnival that begs your imagination to run wild... a great listen...already made its way to the top of my playlists ... Only King Diamond's themed albums such as 'Abigail' and 'Them' do as well of a job of telling a horror story through music and Midnight Syndicate does it repeatedly without singing. Quite a feat in my book."

Monsters From The Basement - "I enjoyed every second... From the minute you first put this CD in the player you are transported to another world... a very unique musical experience. Midnight Syndicate hit the nail right on the head."

Horror News - "...featuring beautifully sonic pieces of terror and mystery, 'Carnival Arcane' manages to haunt with a fun edge oozing evil clowns, sideshows and big top menagerie."

Darkest Radio - "...a triumph for Midnight Syndicate... up there with my favorites... 5 out of 5! Every carnival has a duality to it... Midnight Syndicate captures that duality perfectly. They harness the fantasy, the mystery, the sinister darkness, and weave it into a tapestry of unnatural phantasmagoria."

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror - "Never have kids laughing and singing sounded so scary! While some tracks are just cool, spooky sounding songs, some are very beautiful songs that could easily be used as title music for a big budget, blockbuster film... definitely getting your money's worth with this one!"

Blackgate - "Each one of the twenty-five tracks is a self-contained gem of a storyline that will strike a nerve with anyone who believes there's something more disturbing at traveling carnivals than employees without good dental plans."

The Sketchy Details - "...probably is their best release yet."

Cleveland Scene - "...somehow, after 14 years and just as many albums, the Chardon duo still manages to give us nightmares every time."

Movie Crypt - "...another moody masterpiece."

Horror Addicts - "Old fans of Midnight Syndicate will not be disappointed as their trademark epic instrumental soundtrack feel is here in abundance, and you can see also that they have grown in their musical storytelling."

Side-Line (Belgium) - "There's no better band to play when approaching Halloween."

Nightmare City Halloween Radio - "Another tour-de-force from Midnight Syndicate! ...their best work ever!"

Best Horror Movies.com - "Midnight Syndicate is always a great choice for creepy music that is unique and original, and Carnival Arcane not only continues on that vein but takes it a bit further by successfully making the joyful frightening, the familiar uneasy."

Dark Grave - "Get pulled into the twisted labyrinth of the ultimate circus horror."

DnD-Gate (Germany) - "4.7 out of 5!"

Music and Entertainment Underworld - "I have been listening to Midnight Syndicate for years and I will say that I was seriously blown away by 'Carnival Arcane.'"

Steampunk Canada's Dominion Dispatch (Vol. 2 Iss. 2) - "will not disappoint their regular fans... will likely win them new ones as fans of Steampunk and dark Carnival discover it."

Terry Wickham MantaRay Reviews - "...the richest sound design the band has created so far. Another fun-filled adventure...."

Killer Film - "Douglas and Goszka do an amazing job pulling the listener into their twisted world... an album that you wonít get tired with since the more you listen to it, the more you hear."


Rue Morgue Magazine - interview with Edward Douglas

Midnyte Reader - interview with Gavin Goszka

De Zondag (Belgium) - feature

Bellésprit - feature/interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

ENnie Awards - interview with Edward Douglas

The Paranormal (October 2011) - cover story/interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Halloween Alliance - interview with Edward Douglas

A Little Punch Drunk - radio interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Scary Visions - interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Amauri Casagrande - interview with Gavin Goszka

Barrel O' Fun (Vol. 11, Issue 4) - interview with Edward Douglas

Stiff Magazine (Issue #8) - feature

A Little Punch Drunk - radio interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

FEARnet - feature (pre-release)

Love-It-Loud - feature (pre-release)

Rotting Flesh Radio - feature and interview with Edward Douglas (pre-release)






Fangoria Magazine (#297) - FANGORIA'S 'DVD OF THE MONTH' (OCTOBER 2010) - "Plays like a vulgar episode of 'Scooby-Doo' crossed with 'Night of the Creeps'... the music is fantastic... Douglas clearly put his heart and soul into this project, and it shows... fans should flip their brainpans for it."

Joblo.com (Arrow in the Head) - "Now THIS is what you want every single time you see an indie horror flick... a good comic-book esque horror yarn that uses practical effects and feels like a nasty Halloween party... The score is fantastic and atmospheric... a ton of fun, has great blood and guts, some hot lead characters, wonderful scenery-chewing horror actors and a sense of fun about it. What more can I say?"

Bloody-Disgusting - BLOODY DISGUSTING's KEENAN 'HORROR GUY's 'TOP 10 HORROR FILMS OF 2010' "...just as haunting and creepy as the soundtracks they produce every year... I hope to see more installments in the near future just as good as this one."

National Horror Examiner - "Great casting, humor, some cool gore, wicked FX by Robert Kurtzman, fantastic set design, awesome atmosphere, a unique take on vampire lore, and a phenomenal score make 'The Dead Matter' one of my favorite films of the last 2, or 3, decades!"

Stiff Mag (#6) - "...a brilliantly crafted dark-fantasy horror film that brings some much needed credibility back to the genre. Highly recommended for anyone wanting new, original, quality horror. This film really delivers - 5 out of 5 scars on the indie scale!"

Xomba's Horror Channel - "Douglas has managed to brilliantly craft a horror fest with gore, humor and most importantly, a unique depth that many low-budget films lack entirely... The characters in 'The Dead Matter' are well-rounded, and the movie's fast pace allows it to take the viewer for a spooky ride, throwing in some laughs here and there... (Douglas) does a fine job transforming his creative mind for music into a breeding ground for horrifyingly new ideas to bring to the horror genre's plate."

Wicked Channel - "True indie movie gold! ... a breath of fresh air, showing that horror movies can still be effective but yet have heart and humor... a must-see!"

Benevolent Street - "...a very interesting and well blended smoothie of zombie and vampire goodness... the sound is amazing. The twists, visuals, ocassional humor and sound are enough to keep the viewer interested from start to finish... Having already tackled the musical side of the horror genre... it should be no surprise to see Douglas climbing the ladder in the horror industry as a director. "The Dead Matter" can be considered a terrific start."

Virus Magazine (#45 - Germany) - "...a stylish, atmospheric, cool, 'creepy-flick' with a f---ng awesome soundtrack... Strictly recommended!"

Horror News - "Good old fashioned storytelling here, folks...multiple story arcs and conflict-ridden characters all very well written and all coming to a believable culmination by the time all's said and done.... It defies every single page of the current Hollyweird rulebook of horror moviemaking by being neither a remake, a former TV show, nor edited in today's standard quick cut Super Hi-Meth mode - it's an actual story unfolding right before your very eyes... a modern Hammer film!"

Talk of Horrors - "I had heard good things about this movie, with Fangoria, Arrow in the Head and FEARnet singing its praises. So, does it live up to the hype? For the large part, yes. ...refreshing to see someone who thinks outside of the box. (8/10)"

Best-Horror-Movies.com - SMALL SPOILER ALERT - "...stellar performances by Divoff and Savini... good character development... I enjoyed the humor in the film and caught myself laughing out loud several times. In fact, the more I think about this movie the more I want to watch it again."

FEARnet - "...fast-paced and full of memorable moments. Midnight Syndicate always set out to provide a spooky good time with their music, with no other pretensions, and their first venture into filmmaking reflects that same spirit. It all makes for a solid debut, and I'm already looking forward to their next outing."

Famous Monsters of Filmland - SMALL SPOILER ALERT - "Yes, they DO matter!...recommended Halloween viewing."

Killer Reviews - "There is so much to like about this film... If you are looking for a fun film to watch this Halloween this is one to add to your list... You will be quoting lines from the movie all day and get another good laugh out of it again!""

Movie Crypt - "From twisted dream sequences to impressive displays of supernatural power, you can't help enjoy a movie that gets so much of the genre right (when so many get it wrong) while still managing to pull a few new rabbits of the old hat. 'The Dead Matter' is a love letter to horror devotees as well as to Midnight Syndicate fans... "

Macabre Mansion - "This film breaks all the rules when it comes to the crap that Hollywood has been producing for years now. It's not all blood, guts and gore (or) a collection of mind numbing fast cut scenes that will make you want to claw your eyes out... a fantastic supporting music score... from beginning to end this film tells a story...actors do a top-notch job... filmmaking at it's finest."

28 Days Later Analysis - "Totally enjoyable. The details have really gone into the production and the result is extraordinary... this reviewer encourages you to get your bloodlust fix in this well-written, well-orchestrated and comedic production. Totally enjoyable... here is one strong vote for more material from Douglas and his company Midnight Syndicate Films."

Shallow Graves - "One of the better indies that I've seen in a long time ...definitely a film that you should say that you have seen. With the tagline of 'Why rule the living when you can control the dead?' Edward Douglas did a few things that I wouldn't have even thought of which were fresh additions to this concept ...with little nuances that would make a serious horror lover smile."

Horrorview - "...fun villains, unsuspecting heroes, some great visual gags, and a fantastic score. What's not to like? ...one of the most well-rounded special edition DVD's available in independent film."

Zombie Info - "A good time and fun as f--k... WELL worth picking this one up."

13th Hour Magazine - "Douglas does a great job keeping the film moving right along through twists and turns... while giving a tip of the hat to classic horror movie themes and styles... an entertaining movie... one can only hope that we'll soon see more from them."

Dark Beauty Magazine (October 2010) - "this fun sure-to-be-classic film will provide campy scares and laughs every Halloween to come."

Drive-In of the Dead - "...The clever plot, the gnarly make-up, the perfect score (that had many nods to Midnight Syndicate's past), and a healthy mix of b-movie charisma make this film a refreshing change from the usual horror schlock that Hollywood churns out. It's always a thrill to see when a group of filmmakers 'get it.' For me, the dead definitely matter!"

Wildside Cinema - "...a total mish-mash of sub-genres that mix and mingle together to make a completely original viewing experience... director Edward Douglas,'music composer extraordinaire', provides really solid moments of suspense with his set-ups, camera work, and music... I don't usually say this but this DVD is worth a purchase... a beautifully produced release with a lot of extras."

House of Horrors - "...an effective, blood filled addition to zombie lore while offering an interesting story twist that keeps you watching till the very end.... 'The Dead Matter' is home grown down and dirty horror made by folks that simply love it, appreciate it and respect it. You can't ask for more than that... (also) Easily one of the best "special feature" packages that I have seen in a while."

Zombos Closet - "I recommend this... a well thought out treat for Halloween"

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror - SPOILER ALERT - "...a great film and one that is definitely going into my collection... visually beautiful... acting is top-notch. I can't recall the last time I saw vampires and zombies in the same film, but director Edward Douglas does a fantastic job of weaving them both together in the story."

B-Movie Man - "...stands out amid the myriad field of zombie horror. The film mixes in a touch of humor with its gore, but doesn't go over the top looking for laughs... a fusion of the zombie and vampire genres (with) unexpected twists..."

Bastards of Horror - "a clever entertaining mix of horror, fantasy, and mythology ... I give it a 3 (out of 4) stars and a must have."

Eric Morse Show - "...with a wonderful character driven story, intelligent use of gore and special effects, and vampires and zombies as they should be, 'The Dead Matter' is just what the horror fan ordered....I give it four stars."

Cult Cuts Magazine (SPOILER ALERT) - "a fun genre film that does something a little different with some old standards... the soundtrack is lush and at times borderline epic."

Shockya - "...a must-see for fans of the music group and the horror genre."

Chateau Grrr - "With an impressive cast and entertaining special effects, 'The Dead Matter' is a fun and functional film that merits a couple of viewings. 4 out of 5 stars."

Horror Addicts - SPOILER ALERT - "What truly makes 'The Dead Matter' a film to watch is how they were able to tie all these horror elements together in a unique story... that and, of course, the music by Midnight Syndicate... a film many horror fans will enjoy."

MantaRay Pictures (Terry Wickham) - "very entertaining... It's ambitious for a low-budget film and Writer/Director Edward Douglas pulls it off... plays like something made from another era of horror because of it's unique qualities..."

Nightmare Revue - "The sort of blending of Fantasy and Horror in 'The Dead Matter' just isn't something you see much... a solid entry for Edward Douglas and Midnight Syndicate. It aims to do a little bit of everything and is actually able to succeed."

Geek In The City (review starts at 44:10) - "...really cool and fun! In a market flooded with 'Saw' and 'Hostel,' its a lot of fun to see an old-school, over-the-top Hammer-style horror movie and 'The Dead Matter' fits that"

FrightAsylum - "a lot of fun, very retro 80s... highly recommended, 3 skulls"

BluRay-Disc.de (Germany) - "'The Dead Matter' is a convincing B-movie for all die-hard genre-fans who value deeper substance more than fancy special effects and lots of gore."

Life Between Frames - "...this sucker is the kind of movie that gives certain Indie Horror a good name, as it has plenty of humor, Gothic ambiance, and engaging plot points to make it worth seeing."

Living Dead Media - "Mr. Douglas has done extraordinary work with this film. It will keep the viewer engaged throughout (with) a little of everything that horror film fans most want to see."

Witch's Hat Blogcast (review starts at 1:07:00) - "...the humor, acting, story, and direction are well done to create a fun, highly entertaining genre romp that goes just deep enough to satisfy horror cravings while still producing smirks and chuckles."

BuyZombie - SMALL SPOILER ALERT - "A really fun romp that feels like a throwback to classic horror films of days gone by. I suggest picking this one up as it'll grow on you (like an infection) the further in you get."

Falls News Press - "a lot of fun... 'The Dead Matter' has a bit of everything... a bit of dark humor...more than a few scenes that made me jump and a couple of plot twists I did not see coming... Midnight Syndicate fans will not be disappointed by the excellent music."


Monsters From the Basement - audio interview with Donna Williams, Brian Van Camp, and Edward Douglas

Cleveland Plain Dealer - interview with Edward Douglas

Rue Morgue - interview with Edward Douglas

Black Gate - interview with Edward Douglas

TheoFantastique - interview with Edward Douglas

Mail Order Zombie - interview with Edward Douglas

Horrorview - interview with Edward Douglas

Wired - interview with Edward Douglas

Jimmy Star Show - interview with Edward Douglas

Famous Monsters of Filmland - interview with Edward Douglas

Drive-in of the Dead - interview with Edward Douglas

TheoFantastique - interview with Edward Douglas

Zombos Closet of Horror - interview with Edward Douglas

Revenant Magazine - interview with Edward Douglas

Rue Morgue Magazine Issue #73 - Feature Story

FEARnet - interview with Edward Douglas

Indie Flix - video interview with Edward Douglas

Geek in the City - interview with Edward Douglas

Scars Magazine Volume 2, Issue 6 - Cover Story

Shallow Graves Magazine Issue 4 - Cover Story

Midwest Films - interview with Edward Douglas

Creature Feature - video interview with Edward Douglas

Horror View - interview with Edward Douglas

Dr. Gore's Funhouse - interview with Edward Douglas

Witch's Hat Blogcast - interview with Edward Douglas followed by a review of the film





FEARnet - "...if you're not familiar with the band, it's the perfect place to start, as it demonstrates how this act has managed to secure the title as the leading purveyors of spookhouse tunes... Sweet lights-out listening..."

House of Horrors - "...very simply the one and only Halloween mood music CD you will ever need."

Dark Grave - "With a music collection like this you will wish (as many of us already do) that Halloween happened every month... Consider this release the essential Halloween music soundtrack."

Dark Beauty Magazine (October 2010) - "...an easy five skulls in my book. I love Halloween music and these guys are top notch."

Gravedigger's Local 16 - "As a "best of" album, (it's) the perfect starting point for new fans or for those who have yet to collect the entire Midnight Syndicate discography. But even if you already own the albums it is derived from, it's still worth having as a handy collection of classic tracks from the band's past."

Global Metal Apocalypse - "Essential for those who like the old style of Gothic music."

Metal Excess - "As a starting point and introduction to the group, you can't find a better album than this. This album sets the exact tone I want during the Halloween season."


Barrel O' Fun (Vol. 11 Issue 2) - interview with Edward Douglas

Sci-Fi Bookshelf - Part 1 - Part 2 - interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas

Halloween Blues - interview with Gavin Goszka

Akron News Now - radio interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas and article

Horror Addicts - interview with Edward Douglas






Outburn (Issue #55) - "...it's really freaking spooky. Even if you haven't seen the film... 8 out of 10"

Macabre Mansion - "Anyone who has ever heard Midnight Syndicate's music would expect this film to have a fantastic supporting music score and fantastic it is. It may possibly be one of the key elements that makes this film the astounding work of art that it is."

Bastards of Horror - "an eerie atmosphere of dark creepiness and fun that you remember when first listening to Carpenter's 'Halloween,' 'The Thing,' or even Richard Band's 'Re-Animator'... a great soundtrack to add to your collection."

FEARnet - "...superb atmospheric touches, often reminiscent of John Carpenter's memorable scores."

Gravedigger's Local 16 - "Once again Midnight Syndicate has created a fantastic listening experience."

13th Hour Magazine - ""...music that is eclectic and perfectly blended which you would expect from Midnight Syndicate."

The Zombie Feed - "...this is yet another must-grab for Midnight Syndicate fans... 'Lost' and 'The Dead Matter End Credit Suite' (are) outstanding piece(s) of Syndicate Gothic music. You want to hook your friends on Midnight Syndicate, then this is a good candidate for the job."

Rue Morgue (Issue #105) - "...will definitely put you on the edge. Deep brass swells, eerie high tension notes and the recurring main theme's simple piano strokes are the focus, but when they meld with disquieting muted trumpet bends, regal timpani and skittering percussion on compositions such as 'Late Night Snack' and 'Death is the Answer,' you'll be checking the closet for monsters before bed."

Dark Beauty Magazine (October 2010) - "...they do it again. My favorite of favorites in soundtracks of this genre."

National Horror Examiner - "one of the most incredible movie scores ever... a throwback to the legendary horror movies of yesteryear."

Benevolent Street - "...the sound on this film is amazing... The music is just as beautiful as it is haunting."

Arrow in the Head - "...the film's score is fantastic and atmospheric, as well it should be, coming from Midnight Syndicate."

Film Score Monthly (Vol.17 No.4) - "The music shines in the more intense moments ("Seance", "Death Is the Answer"), where various motives are surrounded by the usual genre gestures. Swirling atonal string writing with faint "dialogue" and design elements work together to create an appropriately ramped-up sense of terror."

28 Days Later Analysis - "...especially well done as rock music blends with electronica and classical."

Wildside Cinema - "The music is really good and it is what scares in here. The power of the music within this piece is more than apparent because this film is not scary but the music is."

Cult Cuts Magazine - "The film is an interesting yarn... but it is the music that is by far the strongest element... the soundtrack is lush and at times borderline epic. Hearing it certainly makes one think about how great it would be to see Douglas and his crew helm a period piece (though that might be the Hammer fan girl in me)."

Radio Casbah - "the musical fiends at Midnight Syndicate have always done it right. And you, my friends are in for a treat. Great god. Take a deep breath and sit back. Alone playing in the background, the music's scary enough. Just add a vivid imagination, and you'll be set for quite a while."

Wired - "... haunting, full of dark orchestration and moody synthesized creepiness. Once you listen, you immediately feel like you are being slowly hunted by a ghost with a penchant for human flesh ...not the kind of music that makes you think of ghosts that just want to make pottery."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "As usual the musicians of Midnight Syndicate are presenting excellent acoustical and vocal music tracks. Listened to at the right daytime, one can nearly feel the undead sneaking around the house... 4.5 out of 5."

Destini Beard with Midnight Syndicate




SpecMusicMuse - "'The Dark Masquerade' is a musical and lyrical nightmare come true for fans of Gothic Horror. Haunting melodic sound with an angelically dark voice (Destini Beard) turns this CD into a lethal yet beautiful combination that's guaranteed to keep you up at night staring fearfully at shadows, while also yearning for said shadows."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "Midnight Syndicate delivers one hell of a well-produced EP, which enhances older tracks with new nuances and a well talented young singer."

Dark Beauty Magazine (October, 2010) - "My favorite haunted album this year. With her haunting voice, the songs capture you as if you were dancing with the ghosts at a ghoulish Victorian ball. Can't stop hitting 'repeat' on the title track, 'Dark Masquerade'."

Games Gazette (UK) - "...six atmospheric tunes from Midnight Syndicate that Destini has added her own powerful voice to ...words written and sung in a way that will haunt you for days after hearing them."


Drive in of the Dead - interview with Destini Beard





Darklife Magazine - "Look no further for a taste of glorious orchestral creepiness, Midnight Syndicate have reached another landmark in their career, growing steadily from release to release and setting with each new album a new standard to the gothic underworld."

Rotting Flesh Radio - "Midnight Syndicate's best work yet."

Rue Morgue - "...and really, if Midnight Syndicate weren't around at this time of year, I think we would actually have to cancel Halloween."

Paragon Magazine - "Midnight Syndicate never fails to deliver... It simply is the best music for those who enjoy a little bit of the dark side every now and then, and their evolution creates one masterpiece after another."

Creature Feature - "highly recommended - this is one CD Halloween lovers must have!"

Wickham's 2008 Halloween Review - "Definitely worth every penny."

Hidden Sanctuary - "There is no denying that Midnight Syndicate continue to lead the pack for music destined for haunted attractions, role playing games, film and television. ...they have made Halloween music a legitimate genre"

TheoFantastique - "Midnight Syndicate’s continued contribution of soundtracks to the Halloween holiday position them in such a way as to make an impact upon music associated with the season akin to Disney’s Haunted Mansion from a previous generation."

Movement Magazine - "Ed and Gavin have mastered the art of creating fear, suspense, and chilling atmospheres in their music... It's a delightful terrorfest of what awaits in the dark."

The Drunken Severed Head (October 2, 2008) - "The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates is the CD for conjuring phantoms of the mind's eye. Your imagination will be inspired and haunted by it."

Mourning the Ancient - "Alas, another outstanding release from Midnight Syndicate. All of the haunting atmosphere of previous releases returns."

Bastards of Horror - "It’s a refreshing effort that can chill the hardest of hardcore horror movie fans’ bones and make you feel you are trapped in a Fulci zombie film or a Hammer classic. (Midnight Syndicate) prove again that not since Carpenter’s efforts during the 80s has such a collection fit the horror genre and made you as a horror fan want filmmakers to include this soon-to-be classic collection... I give this perfect fitting horror genre CD four stars out of four stars."

Synergy Magazine (Australia) - "...the ultimate horror movie soundtrack. I consider this to be their very best thus far!...an innovative and creative horror score."

Geek in the City - "Midnight Syndicate pays homage to their Gothic horror roots while continuously growing as musicians. 'Cemetery Gates' is another gem from a seamlessly endless mine I discovered close to 10 years ago."

Celebrity Cafe - "Midnight Syndicate flexes some serious bravura muscles here..."


Scars Magazine - COVER STORY on The Dead Matter and Midnight Syndicate

Shallow Graves - COVER STORY

Haunted Voices Radio - interview with Gavin Goszka

Geek in the City - interview with Edward Douglas

TheoFantastique - interview with Edward Douglas

Rotting Flesh Radio - This informative 20-minute segment features a song-by-song breakdown of The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD with experienced commentary - DON'T MISS!

Mail Order Zombie (Episode # 36) - An informative 10-minute breakdown of The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD with commentary (segment starts at 21:00 minutes)

Fangoria - interview with Edward Douglas by Chris Alexander

FEARnet - interview with Edward Douglas

WNCX 98.5 - Radio interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Screem Magazine #17 - interview and feature

Unrestrained Magazine Issue #38 - interview with Edward Douglas

Creature Feature - interview with Edward Douglas





Wickham's 2008 Halloween Review - "Midnight Syndicate definitely has branched out and extended their sound."

Grave Concerns - "Midnight Syndicate is mega-phenomenal within their craft---true geniuses of gothic music and story-telling, and their soundtrack to “The Rage”, is another masterpiece... Midnight Syndicate just gets it; they know how to make exceptionally haunting, diverse, intelligent and simply creepy and beguilingly provocative music for one's mind to absorb and get lost in. "

BlogCritics Magazine (UK) - "creepy music that rises above the normal soundtrack fare...they don't rely on you knowing the movie to make the music worthwhile."

Outburn Magazine (Issue # 44) - "Lots of brooding piano, stabbing horns, and sweeping strings give the proceedings a very full and larger than life feel, which is perfect for an emotional, edge of your seat movie project such as this."

Unrestrained Magazine (Canada) (Issue # 37) - "...I've been drawn into the world of The Rage. The duo are master craftsmen when it comes to suspense and eerie themes."

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium) (5/1/08) - "Midnight Syndicate remains a unique experience in gothic music . . . they simply go beyond the borders and standards of classical gothic music...creating a soul to gothic music! "

Muziek-en-Film (Netherlands - in Dutch) (5/1/08) - "A fantastic soundtrack..."

Dread Central (4/29/08) - "Only with great scores can you let your imagination wonder when only listening to the music... 'The Rage' soundtrack is one of those rare pieces of music where the sound defines the picture."

Judas Kiss (UK) (4/29/08) - "(They) expand the dynamic nature of their previous works to produce a huge, bombastic and intensely stimulating soundtrack, which is hauntingly majestic and deeply engrossing...immensely easy to get drawn deeply into the haunting keys, heavenly choral renditions, sporadic industrial noise, intensely pitch-black atmosphere and bittersweet melodies... Just the music alone is dynamic and menacing enough to make you jump and get your pulse racing, which is exactly what you want and expect from a soundtrack of this nature."

Fear and Trembling (4/24/08) - "Midnight Syndicate does what they do best—create the scariest atmosphere possible through music."

DnD Gate (Germany) (4/13/08) - "On one side, there is the superb style of MS, which one has heard before in other productions, on the other side one can find a new style, which hits the horror film genre perfectly – like the so called fist in the eye...smoldering together to an extreme terrifying and dark sound..."

Movement Magazine (4/8/08) - "Midnight Syndicate has conjured up a terrifying score that will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat, even in it's most subtle moments... All the releases that they have done before have been leading up to an album like this."

Film Score Monthly (Vol.17 No.4) - "Unlike in so much horror scoring, 'The Rage' utilizes important motivic ideas within tracks to provide aural signposts, rather than simply creating a series of disconnected electronic or ambient sounds. 3 stars"

Deadbolt Magazine (4/3/08) - "While the driving force of this album lies in its heart-pounding sequences, it truly reaches a zenith in the ominous portions that deliver more subtle nuances of fear."

Fangoria Musick Blog (3/19/08) -"Midnight Syndicate has been haunting their listeners for 11 years now, and their experience in creating tense atmospheres can really be heard in this CD."

Doc Gangrene (3/18/08) - "...every bit as atmospheric, dark and suspensful as previous Midnight Syndicate releases...really first rate"

Bastards of Horror (3/5/08) - "The music is excellent, has a great horrifying feel to it, flows beautifully like the "Hellraiser" movie soundtrack, and with every note you can visualize every scene from the film like a soundtrack should be...Midnight Syndicate’s soundtrack to “The Rage” does just that to near perfection.





Haunted Attraction - The Issue #44 cover story featuring never before seen photos and an up close and personal look into the complete history of the band.

Haunted Voices Radio - Radio interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka from January 5th, 2007 (archived mp3 file for download)

Pulp Gamer - Podcast interview with Edward Douglas from December 13th, 2006

Paragon Magazine - Interview with Edward Douglas (cover story)

Side-Line Magazine - Interview with Edward Douglas & Gavin Goszka - Issue #56

Darker Than The Bat - Interview with Gavin Goszka

Cleveland Magazine - Scream Songs - Oct. 2006

Haunted Report - Interview with Gavin Goszka

IOA Central - Podcast interview with Edward Douglas (interview starts at 29 minutes in)





Darklife Magazine - "Orchestrations in The 13th Hour reach epic dimensions, re-creating the purest gothic atmospheres ever committed to score."

Gothic Beauty - "they're the originals and the plot keeps thickening."

Mentenebre (Spain - in Spanish) - "Todo un fenómeno musical en los Estados Unidos, aterrizan por fin en Europa de la mano del sello Indar para dar color (oscuro, muy oscuro) a las cada vez más habituales fiestas de Halloween... y a las del resto del año."

Space Junkies Magazine - "I couldn't praise this album more; it's truly an epic masterpiece."

Horror Channel -"With The 13th Hour, Midnight Syndicate has raised the bar as high as one can imagine when it comes to a Halloween-worthy soundtrack."

Nightmare City Halloween - "Midnight Syndicate's finest recording to date. . . an instant Halloween classic."

Mourning The Ancient - "I've waited quite a while for this new effort by one of the greatest ambient bands of all time. . .and was it ever worth it. Instantly a classic, The 13th Hour puts Midnight Syndicate in a class all their own."

Movement Magazine - "To say Midnight Syndicate is the best gothic/horror soundtrack group around might sound a little bold. Maybe so, but it's true... With The 13th Hour, Midnight Syndicate has truly created a horrifying masterpiece...their finest work to date."

Legends Magazine - "...the original creators of this style, Midnight Syndicate's continued definining and upping the bar of the Halloween soundtrack format." '

Flames Rising - "A masterful blend of seamless orchestration... The 13th Hour is truly the best instrumental of its kind. "

Chiller Cinema - "Chilling and beautiful, gothic and haunting...their goal was to create the ultimate haunted house album and they may just have succeeded."

Side-Line Magazine (Belgium) - "Listen and you will quickly realize that Midnight Syndicate goes further than most soundtrack composers. The material is extremely developed with a richness of sounds that most soundtracks don't even have... Midnight Syndicate remains a unique experience."

Creature Feature - "Midnight Syndicate single-handedly created a whole new genre of music. With The 13th Hour, Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have created another horror music masterpiece! ...taking their musical richness and complexity to new heights!"

Starvox Magazine - "Simply put, they are the best at whhat they do. Midnight Syndicate pushes 24 tracks to a new level of horror. . . you don't just get orchestration and sound effects, you get to be a PART of the haunted mansion itself."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "hits the bulls-eye...in every caase the CD is more than excellent!"

Games Gazette (UK) - "Already known for their brilliant suspense-filled background music that has taken role-playing to new heights, The 13th Hour will chill your blood and tingle your spine. This is what the Old and Deep Onces hum to when they drink in the Arkham Arms on a Saturday night." - Chris, Games Gazette (UK)

The Gaming Report - "I honestly believe this to be their best work yet (even better than Gates of Delirium). These guys have got it pegged! I am happy to give The 13th Hour my highest recommendation."

d20 Magazine Rack - "Midnight Syndicate has done a fantastic job at maintaining a high level of class, performance, and expectations with every release... (The 13th Hour) is their strongest release yet..."

Hauntworld - "I know I don't have to sell anyone on the music of Midnight Syndicate and using it in their haunted attraction, but I can't recommend this newest effort highly enough...may already be my favorite from The Syndicate."

Paragon Magazine - "It could be broad daylight and this album will still give you the heebie-jeebies. 5 out of 5 !"

Amazing Sounds (Spain) - "This CD has an important effect of sonic shock in the listener."

Bedlam Society - "It's a surreal score...Think a pure gothic horror motif."

Apex Sci-Fi Digest - "This album marks a new high for Midnight Syndicate."


Scene Magazine - feature story on Midnight Syndicate.

Ghost! Magazine - an interview with Gavin Goszka about Midnight Syndicate's future plans and his experiences with the paranormal.

Gruesome Joe / Rotting Flesh Radio - This informative 20-minute segment features a song-by-song breakdown of The 13th Hour CD with experienced commentary - DON'T MISS!

Oui Magazine - an interview with Edward Douglas in Sep.2005 Issue,Vol.3 No.9

Rue Morgue Magazine - an interview with Edward Douglas is featured in Issue #50

Space Junkies - an interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka

Flames Rising - an interview with Gavin Goszka

Horror Channel - an interview with Edward Douglas

Side-Line Magazine - interview with Edward Douglas featured in Issue # 52





Gaming Report - "The CD meets and exceeds the composer's goals of being "The ultimate musical accompaniment to Dungeons & Dragons gaming." I am happy to give this CD my highest recommendation."

Movement Magazine - "If you have been listening to their previous works then you won't be disappointed this time around. And, if you thought they created nightmarish horror music soundscapes, then just wait till you hear what they can do with a fantasy background as their inspiration!"

Long Exile Gaming - "I like this album a lot."

Living Dead Girls - "Goszka and Douglas have proven their sense of musical appropriateness and for me proven themselves as talented composers beyond the field of Horror."

Darker Than The Bat (Belgium) - "More than an hour of great dark, atmospheric soundscapes and orchestral music that could accompany any dark scene you have in mind. Excellent!"

Bedlam Society - "This is probably their best work to date."

DnD Gate (Germany) - "outstandingly well suited for use at roleplaying sessions - either as mood-based songs for single scenes or as background music for the complete session."

The Crimson - "Whether it's on paper, on a computer, on cards, or just played with your imagination and verbal storytelling, this soundtrack not only fits, it BELONGS"


Paragon Magazine - Interview with Edward Douglas by Lisa

Utter Trash - Interview with Gavin Goszka by Bob Ignizio





Darklife Magazine (Germany) - " 'Vampyre' confirms the ability of Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka in producing haunting music that stands at the forefront of the genre."

Judas Kiss Magazine (UK) - "...quite simply in a league of its own."

Darker Than The Bat (Belgium) - " It is useless to pick some good songs as all of them are little masterpieces."

Gothic Beauty Magazine - " 5 out of 5 - ...fourteen tracks of audio-cinematic splendor"

Altercation Magazine - "...the undisputed overlords of horror music"

Sideline Magazine (Belgium) - "This is the kind of gothic stuff that will probably survive and go through the ages"

Outburn - "...'Vampyre' sure does take a run at the title held so long by the works of Danny Elfman"

Movement Magazine - "...a masterpiece of gothic horror that wonderfully portrays the dark realm of the undead."

Rue Morgue Magazine - "Perhaps the greatest accolade that I can give this disc is that it emanates horror - cinematic, Gothic, classical, and otherwise - on every one of it's fourteen tracks. A genuine spookshow from start to finish."

Drive-In of the Dead - "an album for vampires and the people who love them... weaving beautiful melodies into Gothic structures, composers Gavin Gozska and Edward Douglas have proven time and again that they are true musical artists that have an uncanny knack at bringing the Gothic to life...or death"

Legends Magazine - "crafted with the same astute attention as the makers of the score to Bram Stoker's Dracula"

Rhythm US - "Midnight Syndicate has once again proven their status in the industry and of their talents. It's simply amazing what these guys can do musically in creating imaginative music."

d20 Magazine Rack (Gaming) - "This is the perfect music for gaming"

GamingReport.com (Gaming) - "Midnight Syndicate makes music that is well suited for gaming, especially in the case of their latest terrifying release, “Vampyre – Symphonies from the Crypt...a 5 out of 5"

Music Extreme (Argentina) - "A must have. All of this CD is a masterpiece."

Vae Solis (Russia) - "...the most complex effort Midnight Syndicate has ever come up with...Rating : 6 of 6"

HalloweenMagazine.com - "Midnight Syndicate has out done themselves yetagain."

Starvox - "This duo clearly wants to give the fans the most for their money, as evident with each new release, and this one is no exception... Once again, Midnight Syndicate has stepped up to the plate to deliver eerie music for those longing for those darkened tones."


Delirium Magazine - Interview with Edward Douglas by Sophie Diamantis-Fry





Drive-In of the Dead - "easily stands on its own as a classic early release from Midnight Syndicate... Gavin Gozska and Edward Douglas show that, even at this early date, they were (and are) masters at composing catchy Gothic hooks that stick with you."

Judas Kiss (UK) - "A truly classic album that will set new standards within the soundtrack / neo-classical genres."

Darklife (UK/Germany/Switzerland) - "Midnight Syndicate is back with another masterpiece of classical-tinted darkness"

Haunted Attraction Magazine - "Midnight Syndicate has outdone themselves with this third masterpiece."

Loki-Music (UK) - "If atmospheric music, in it's most traditional gothic sense is what you like then this album
is a must!"

Fears Magazine - "MS has expanded their musical repertoire...and broadened their musicality"

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) - "The latest installment of horror-inspired atmospheric numbers by Midnight Syndicate is no doubt their most impressive and mind-blowing... Truly pioneers in their field"

Movement Magazine - "The masters of gothic symphonic horror music have returned! Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have done it again, and created a true masterpiece of frightening soundscapes... "

Rue Morgue Magazine - "Gates of Delirium" may properly be called music for a non-existent horror film, one that plays out in your head. This one does, but the shivers are all in the flesh."

Krepuskulum (Brazil) - "New masterpiece of ambient keyboard soundscape!"

Music Extreme (Argentina) - "...the whole album is really amazing, they have become one of my favorite bands..."

Drive-in of the Dead - "Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas prove, even at this early date, that they were (and are) masters at composing catchy Gothic hooks that stick with you... a classic early release."

Bleeding Minds - "...another musical journey that surpasses all others."

HalloweenMagazine.com - "AAAAWESOME!"

The New Empire (Germany) - "...maybe we cannot sleep anymore after we listened to the fourth release of Midnight Syndicate because they are on the best way to create the ultimate horror-album."

Outburn Magazine - "...a great job of combining bombast and subtlety to make the album a diverse and complete story."

Mourning the Ancient - "High quality all around. Another success!"

Sideline Magazine (Belgium) - "Don't be afraid, be very afraid."

Vae Solis (Russia) - "...musically it doubtlessly should be considered a progression...6 of 6"

Legends Magazine - "...one must conclude that no one has been able to provide horror entertainment quite like this."


The Plague - Interview with Edward Douglas by Daniel Hinds

Mourning the Ancient - Interview with Gavin Goszka in Mourning The Ancient

Music Extreme (Argentina) - Interview with Gavin Goszka by Federico Marongiu

Darker Than The Bat (Belgium) - Interview with Edward Douglas by Peter - Jan Van Damme

Krepuskulum (Brazil) - Interview with Edward Douglas by Edgar Franco

Legends Magazine - Interview with Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka by Marcus Pan

Loop (#39) - Audio/Video feature for "Gates of Delirium"





Movement Magazine - "...probably one of the best, if not the best “gothic” release of the year!"

DBM Magazine - "Realm Of Shadows is truly a haunting gothic soundscape of epic proportions."

Happy Halloween Magazine - "Midnight Syndicate and Haloween are a match made in...well, heaven."

Sanctuary (Switzerland) - "...an album that could well become the soundtrack to your darkest desires!"

Amazing Sounds (Spain) - "Midnight Syndicate takes us to an impressive adventure towards dark side."

Sorted MagAZine (Ireland) - "I love it!"

HalloweenMagazine.com - "What a great CD. 21 tracks that create a pure, scary soundscape for your Halloween gathering or haunt."

Legends Magazine (#102) - "You would be hard pressed to find anything as chilling as Realm of Shadows"

Vae Solis (Russia) - "Realm Of Shadows is definitely the best album I’ve heard lately among those to be reckoned to the so-called “dark ambient” genre."

Occum's Razor (Scotland) - "It creates the perfect chilling, atmospheric music."

Dark Nights (UK) - "Well they've done it again, if you want the ultimate in atmospheric and spooky music look no further..."

Starvox - "...one of the most effective ambient/soundtrack type bands around today. I highly recommend this."

Underground Entertainment - "Midnight Syndicate has done it again!... This is gothic music at it's best."

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) - "Realm of Shadows" proudly boasts some of the coolest dark, gothic soundscapes in years."

Outburn Magazine - "Midnight Syndicate takes its brand of symphonic horror to a new level this time."

Bleeding Minds - "...transcend reality and escape into a realm of musical genius. You won't be disappointed!"

Raging Smolder Music Reviews - "...a hair-raising spine-tingling adventure!"

Gothic Topic Magazine Online - "Realm of Shadows ranks with the epitome of the best in instrumental gothic music..."

The Surly Sullen Bell (Russia) - "What can I say about the new Midnight Syndicate album, except the mark I’ve already given it? - a 50 out of 50..."


Movement Magazine - an interview with Edward Douglas

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - An in-depth feature by one of the web's premiere horror e-zines

Loop (#28) - A RealAudio video/audio stream featuring the track "Eye of the Storm"





Legends Magazine (#102) - "...the leader in high-quality spookiness ...No Halloween gathering or gothic collection is complete until you own the work of Midnight Syndicate."

Decibel Magazine - "...if you need a soundtrack for your Halloween party this weekend, you really canít do any better than this".

Original Sin (Belgium) - "...even if you're not into vampyres and bats, I think it is almost impossible not to be touched by the beauty of this...Superb."

Chaotic Critiques (#12) (Canada) - "Born of the Night" marries a classical mastery of dynamics with an ambient appreciation for mood and texture, and then paints the soundscapes in the grim colors of eerie goth."

Dark Nights (UK) - "...this is about as spooky as it gets..."

Fears Magazine - "If you like dark, brooding, haunting music with melody and passion then 'Born of the Night' is for you... Do yourself a favor and get hooked into the Midnight Syndicate"

The Surly Sullen Bell (Russia) - "...a little advice, don't forget to press (the) Repeat button on your CD player."

Amazing Sounds (Spain) - "No doubt, this is an amazing work, highly recommended to those who seek something more on the line of current electronic music."

Dark Velvet - "Twenty-one songs of pure gothic bliss wrapped up in a gothic aesthetic to die for."

The New Empire (Germany) - "Behind every single track, a ghost is lurking ..."

Chronicles of Chaos (Canada) (#38) - "...a soundtrack for all things gothic ...

Burn - "Born of the Night is one of the best dark scores I've heard in a long time...if you are looking for great music to write to, or music to close your eyes and dream to, pick this one up."

Carpe Noctem (#15) - "Midnight Syndicate has crafted a beautiful album here, perfect for that reflective time between the darkest part of the night and when the first slivers of light come peeking over the mountains at dawn."

The Gothic Preservation Society - "I highly recommend this album and pray you enjoy it as much as I do."

International Vampyre (Netherlands) - " 'symphonic' in the best sense of the word...what a music it is!"

Sinister Tales - "There could be no clearer acclamation of the noteworthiness of this CD than to suggest that film producers of horror and suspense seek out Midnight Syndicate to uplift their own movies with such invocations as this music undoubtedly produces in both the mind of the dreamer and the spirits of the undead"

Outburn Magazine (#8) - "Midnight Syndicate encapsulates the power and passion of the night and its mysteries...an exceptional release that beautifully explores gothic horror and romance... I highly recommend it."

Nightshade Magazine (Germany) - "Rising above many records of today's music world 'Midnight Syndicate' manages to create a record that personifies mankind's horrors and unspoken fears...Searching for innovation? A unique sound...in today's Gothic world? Search no more!"

Circular Cosmic Spot - "Easily one of the darkest releases I've heard in a long time...on the conventional end of the electronic spectrum, but standing alone in their own goth/horror realm"

Cleveland Moshteam - "...in one word, a masterpiece..."

Scene Magazine - "Beautifully eerie, serene, melancholic, and sinister...ample haunting melodies in every sense of the word ...a first-rate Gothic album"

The Plain Dealer - "'Born of the Night' is a graveyard smash!"


Black Monday (UK) - interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate and Joseph Vargo of Monolith Graphics

The New Empire (Germany) - interview with Gavin Goszka and Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate

Loop Magazine #14 - a RealAudio video/audio stream

Ohio Online - interview with Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate


RELEASE DATE : JULY 25th, 1997



Midnight Syndicate Press Release - The orginial Midnight Syndicate press release from August 1, 1997

Scene Magazine - "There's a new type of music afoot in Cleveland..."

Fears Magazine - "Very promising beginning..."